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UFO Sighting Report - USA

August 23rd 2007 : Berthoud, Colorado

Berthoud, Colorado Sphere Caught On Film Over Wheatfield

Date: August 23, 2007 - September 5, 2007
Time: 7:25 a.m.

Brian, well, it's been over 10 years but I finally had another sighting. As usual, with me it's an unusual one. I was driving south on Weld country road 3 (one mile south of Weld County Road 41) at 7:25 a.m. I have taken this road to work every morning for the past three years, so I am quite familiar with the surroundings. The setting is rural with a scattering of houses on 5 - 10 acre lots. In between the houses are wheat and corn fields. I would say the percentage of farm acreage to house acreage is 95% to 5%.

The sun was just rising in the east (about 10 degrees up from the horizon), so I reached up and moved my sun visor to the left parallel to the drivers window. As I did this, I caught something out of the corner of my left eye. I saw something floating, or maybe a better word is hovering above the middle of a wheat field. It was a perfect spherical object, which at the time I estimated it to be three to four feet in diameter. It had no protrusions or any objects hanging from it, as a weather balloon might have.

I also estimate that it was about 10 of it's own diameters above the field. In this case, if 3 to 4 feet is accurate that's about 30 to 40 feet. At the time, I estimated that the object was approximately two football fields away from me (600 feet). It was a completely solid object, because it was silhouetted by the rising sun. The edges were well defined and very "crisp". The color of the object was a dark navy or gun blue. This may not be an accurate color because I was looking almost directly into the sun. So I could have been observing it in shadow rather than seeing it's true color. But I am sure it was dark in color because I'm sure that there was enough ambient light coming off the wheat to show it's close to true color.

I observed the object for about 15 seconds until I went over a hill which blocked the view behind me. During that time, I observed no motion in any axis, X,Y, or Z. I also know that it's pretty hard to say positively that something is stationary when you're in a moving car, but I approached and passed it quite quickly, so it couldn't have been moving very fast, if at all. I also noticed no movement in relation to the ground either. But once again, seeing something over a wheat field, it's hard to get a relationship of something in the air to the ground because all the ground looks the same. One wheat plant looks the same as all the other ones. There's nothing to use or a land.

There also was a slight breeze coming from the south which should have moved the object if it was some type of balloon. I wish I could have pulled over and observed the object from the road, but as usual, there was another car on my butt and in a bigger hurry that I was. So not wanting to get rear ended I kept on going. I regret that decision immensely today. But yesterday it seemed the prudent thing to do. By the way, the driver behind me did not see the object, he was close enough to me that I could see where he was looking in my rear view mirror.

So Brian, you know me, I had to do some measurements and calculations in order to confirm that I saw, what I saw.

On the way to work I picked out objects ad signs, trash cans, light poles, etc) that appeared to be the same distance away from me that the object was when I observed it. So noting my speed and counting the seconds until I reached the object I was able to calculate the distance. I did this several times on the way to work. I did at two different speeds of 30 MPH and 50 MPH. I kept getting the same amount of seconds with each speed, 15 seconds (660 feet) and the 10 seconds (733 feet) an average of about 700 feet. Almost exactly what I estimated the distance to be as I was observing the object. So one distance I'm pretty sure of around 700 feet.

So here is the kicker. At arm's length (26 inches) the object was the size of a pea or approximately 1/4 inch in diameter. As I have done before, using some trigonometry and projecting that angle out to a length of 700 feet, guess how big that pea has to be ? 3 feet 4 inches in diameter. Is that fricken wild ? Once again, almost exactly what I estimated in the beginning. So I think everything I have in distances and sizes is very accurate.

Additional Information:

Hey Brian, the sighting date was Thursday, August 23, 2007. The location was exactly 2.7 miles south of my home in Berthoud, Colorado.

This dam thing is going to drive me crazy for a while. Since so close to my house no matter where I go. The hardware store, grocery, gas station, etc. I find myself driving by that Wheatfield looking for the thing to show up again. I bet I have driven by it 10 - 15 times over the past 3 days. Problem is, the field is south of the house and my town is north of my home. So it's costing me 5 or 6 extra miles every time I go anywhere.

As far as it being tied down, I can't imagine what it could have been tied to. A stake maybe, but that's it, and it didn't move back and forth as a ball would do in a breeze. Plus how it would have been attached to the ball would have taken some real effort to hide it, as I could see the silhouette very clearly and there was absolutely nothing protruding from the sphere. I also have looked at the Wheatfield very closely, where the object was over a hillside of the field, (the whole field is on rolling hills) so I can look almost into the face of the field. It is a completely virgin field. There aren't even any harvester tracks in it. So if someone walked out in the middle of the field to stake this thing down, they would have to cover at least a 1/4 mile of their tracks to get to the nearest road and I can see at least half of the entire field.

Update: Object appears again and this time caught on film.

I saw it again this morning. The first time was August 23, 2007, today I saw the object on September 5, 2007, almost two weeks apart.

The location was close to the same spot as before, maybe 300 or 400 yards further east. I couldn't get any closer to it than 300 or 400 yards away short of going through a gate into a farmers field. I had my camera phone with me and grabbed some shots of it. The quality isn't that great, but at least you can see the thing.

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Photo 1 showing orb

Photo 2 showing orb

Photo 3 showing orb

Photo 4 showing orb

Thank you to the witness for the great reports and photos.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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