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UFO Sighting Report - USA

August 25th 2007 : Crossville, Tennessee

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Crossville, Tennessee, USA

Date: Aug. 25th, 2005

Time: 7:30-8 p.m. CST

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 20+, innumerable

Shape of objects: triangular

Weather Conditions: clear with few scattered clouds, warm

Description: I was at a park in the small town of Crossville, Tennessee. I was there swinging with my now ex boyfriend Scott. If I have my history correct, Katrina was starting to come to coast the evening before around 8-9 pm Central time. We were at the park sometime around 7:30-8. It was a pretty typical evening, until we noticed these little blurbs sailing overhead. At first glance, we tried to dismiss them as birds. However, the objects were pretty high up in the air, at an altitude superior to any jet I've ever seen. The sun had just gone down, but there was still a little bit of light out, and it seems like there might have just been light reflecting off whatever these objects were, but they had an eerie glow, as if they were projecting their own light. At a better glance, there appeared to be three little lights. The flying objects appeared to be triangular in shape and there was a light in each corner.

We kept trying to rationalize it, thinking it might have possibly been some kind of plane, but they were definitely misshapen to aircraft. Normally, even when seeing planes in the sky, it is possible to see 2 sometimes even up to 3, but they just kept coming in numbers!! I saw the first one trail cross the sky, then I saw two more. They had a very irregular flight path, it was as if they could zig and zag back and forth. They came from different directions, but always seemed to meet up in the middle and fly off together in a south westerly direction. (Ironically, the same direction that New Orleans would be relative to TN) First there were 3, then there were 5 meeting up with each other and trailing off and so on. At one point I think I saw up to 7 join up at the same time. The numbers varied but all in all we saw no less than 20 of them. And they were still coming even after we left the park!

Did they know what was about to happen? Were they here to witness the aftermath? I honestly don't know. I keep trying my hardest to explain what I saw, but I have never seen anything like it. I always thought ufos were circular discs, or spherical in shape.. never triangles?? They just kept meeting up and flying off together, meeting up and flying off together... I told a friend of ours about the phenonmenon, and he looked it up on the internet. He showed me something called "belgian triangles". It was exactly identical to what I witnessed that night at the park!! I couldn't believe it. I also do recall a middle light on a few of the objects, which is another property of the triangles. Ever since, I have been searching the internet trying to find similar stories on around the night of Hurricane Katrina, but have been unable to until I stumbled into your site. Thank you for shedding some light onto the matter and making me feel like less of a nut!

R***** in Knoxville

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