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UFO Sighting Report - USA

August 31st 2007 : Outside Leesburg, Ohio

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Outside Leesburg, Ohio, USA.

Date: 08/31/07 9:30 to 10:15pm EDT

Approach Direction: Objects did not move while illuminated

Departure Direction: Objects did not move while illuminated

Witness Direction: south

Description: At about 9:30 my brother and I went outside to smoke. It was a cool evening, so we stayed in the garage, but the garage door was open. We had a spectacular view of a clear, star-filled southern sky.

Suddenly, a bright orange light appeared about five degrees above the horizon. It did not move, but glowed for about ten seconds. As soon as it disappeared another one (or the same one) appeared about thirty degrees to the west. If it was the same object, it moved a good distance and stopped in less than a second. The second object glowed for about five seconds, then disappered. This kind of flashing back and forth continued for a few minutes, then stopped.

After a couple of minutes with no activity, three or four of the same orange lights appeared evenly spaced and again not moving. They appeared in succession from left to right with about one second interval between appearances. They remained for ten to fifteen seconds, then disappered in the same order that they appeared. Only to be replaced (or re-appearing) to our right (west).

The lights were very active for about thirty minutes, with decreasing activity for about fifteen minutes after that. My brother and I watched the hole thing with complete amazement. We are not the kind of people who fantasize about UFOs and aliens. I have never seen anything like this and don't really give stuff like this any thought when others talk about it. But, this was very strange - even a little scarey. My brother's wife and her friend came home after the activity had somewhat subsided. Of course, they thought we had been smoking something besides cigarettes while they were gone. I would have had a similar reaction, so I wasn't offended. But, then they saw a couple of the lights and believed us.

I have been an avid amature astronomer for years. I watch the sky a lot. I have seen many meteors, comets, planets, eclipses, satalites, etc... There were no flashing red, white or blue lights (they were not airplanes or helecopters). Oh, and there was no sound. These objects were fairly nearby, but we heard nothing.

Please provide an email address for me to send graphics to. I did not have my digital camera with me. But, I have made some pretty good graphics and a map to show the vicinity of the activity.

Color/Shape: Bright orange lights with an indistinguishable shape.

Height & Speed: The lighs only seemed to be a few hundred feet off the ground. They did not move while they were visible. Only when the lights were off did they move. I suspect some of the flashing back and forth may have been one or more of the same object. In this case, they would have been exhibiting behavior like no known aircraft (quick, abrupt starting and stopping). I have seen Indy cars at 250mph; I know what fast is. These things must have been moving several times that speed.

Yahoo map showing location of sighting

Web graphic by witness showing location of objects in sky

Leesburg south sky map swohing location of objects

Note: I have asked the witness to look at the UFO Balloons website - John @ UFOINFO.