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UFO Sighting Report - USA

January 18th 2008 : Branson West, Missouri

Branson West, Missouri UFO Sightings And Close Encounter

Date: January 18, 2008
Time: 5:50 a.m.

Location of Sighting: Branson West, Missouri.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: White star like object.

Full Description of event/sighting: White star like object "hovering" in the sky. I had seen these "brilliant white stars," but they look "different" and other "pulsating blue and red stars" before, starting June, 2007. They will be hovering all night, sometimes two or thee. But as I watched this one around 5:50 am it began to move. This was the first time I actually saw one move! It slowly started moving in a straight upward direction. Then, suddenly it just switch to moving in an easterly direction, now faster. I ran up an around the building it was going over to watch it. It moved way out, and was very small, but it was still there. Then it suddenly "appeared" larger and closer again, and just "hovered" for about 15 minutes. At that time a car and a State Trooper car pulled into the parking lot, maybe because they were seeing it also. They just stopped there for a few minutes, then the first car left, going back in the direction he came. The State Trooper car stayed for about 5 minutes more, then turned back and went in back from where they came also.

I did not see the object fly away, it just "disappeared" from sight. When it changed direction from straight up and moved across the sky in the easterly direction, it looked bigger, and must have been closer. This morning I woke up at about 4:40 am and looked outside. There were three "pulsating red and blue stars" hovering again. Almost parallel, one to the left, one to the right and one three quarters the distance between the other two, to the right also. That was the largest one, which I think was closer. When I went back to look at 5:15 am the largest one was gone! The other two still there, same spot. The real stars are all out, no cloud cover, it is dark and clear sky. At 5:35 am I look out and just at that moment I see the "star" to the left, over a garden center building, but way up begin to move parallel, getting smaller and smaller, and disappears! The "star" on the right is still "hovering." Only one left.

All the real stars in the sky are still exactly where they have been, and I went outside in the nine degree weather to see this too. At about 6:15 am the last "star" starts to move slowly in a downward direction, then up again, then away from me, getting smaller and smaller. Then a plane crosses in a North to South direction, the "star" does nothing. Then about 5 minutes after the plane went past, the "star" comes back closer toward my direction again, then "hovers" for another 20 minutes. Then at about 6:45 am the "star" moves off in a straight Westerly direction, getting tiny and disappears! I had never seen them move and disappear like this before. I have actually been watching them only since June, 2007. Now I know they are not "stars" for sure. I will be watching them.

Also, I told you of the "close encounter" in New York July 11, 2008. Well, last night 6:10 pm (7:10 pm) her time she called to tell me she had just had another "experience" while driving home on the remote road to her house. This time as the was about a mile up the road she saw a "white round light" above her neighbor/friend's house, off in the distance. Then, as she was driving the "white light object with crystal like lights and light beams" was moving along with her as she was trying to get to the house about a mile up the road. It was dark out, but as she drove suddenly there "was a beam of light like moonlight coming in through the moonroof" of her vehicle. She closed the moonroof and drove as fast as possible to get to the house, jumped out and got inside as fast as possible with her Old English Sheepdog. I was surprised this time she was not hysterical, like we were when the "spaceship encounter" happened in July, but she said she felt "sort of energized," not scared. She thought it was her adrenaline or something. Later when she talked to me more about it, she was scared again thinking about what had just happened, and her son has to come up that road after midnight. She is selling the house by the end of the month. I thought she should move out here, but I don't know, they are out here also. We are hoping they are "top secret" military homeland security vehicles. What do you think? This is too much.

Thank you to the witness for the fascinating sightings.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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