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UFO Sighting Report - USA

January 24th 2008 : Greenfield/Porter Corners, New York

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Greenfield/Porter Corners, New York, USA

Date: 1/24/08

Time: 9:45 PM

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: Star appearance

Weather Conditions: Bright Moon with a perfectly clear star filled sky. 20 - 30f.

Description: Approx. 09:45 PM on Thursday, January 24, My wife, our german shepard dog and myself were driving south down a large hill in the town of Porter Corners NY. From our ascending position on the hill and no street lights on or around our position, the two of us could clearly see in the South Western sky, 2 bright lights, one above the other, that seemed to be shimmering with colors. The lower one brighter than the other.

Upon seeing these lights I came to a complete stop and exited the vehicle for a non obstructed view. At this point I was not sure what these lights were, but felt they were possibly some sort of aircraft entering or exiting the local Airport. I was mid sentence with my wife, who was also now outside the vehicle, a third light, higher than the previous 2 appeared, as if a candle flickering. Not, "click"-on, but more dim to bright. while all three lights were in the sky, the middle light seemed to go up and down slightly between the other two lights. At this point now, the lowest light, which was initially the brightest, seemed to dim out, and lower itself in the trees. Within a moment it had lowered itself completely out of view and was now unseen completely. After watching the last 2 lights left ie; the middle light which was originally present and seemed to be moving up and down, and the light that appeared last, we realized they seemed to be moving in a north east direction toward our position.

We watched for approx. 2-3 more minutes, the dog seemed to become very anxious and whined aloud as if he were reacting to something, and it became very clear the lights were indeed headed in our direction. The lower light seemed to getting brighter and closer and my wife then insisted, much to my dismay, we "get out of there" for the sake of the dog and his behavior. We left our position and made the 5 minute ride to our residence, dropped the dog off and by the time we returned the lights were completely gone.

During the sightings of the lights, my wifes cell phone, which normally operates in that area, was malfunctioning and would not allow a call to go through, nor the camera to function. Upon our return, after the lights were gone, the phone operated without a problem. Both my wife and myself are decorated members with our Fire Dept., she is actually the district fire and rescue scene photographer. I am employed in a position of authority and responsibility, and both of our verbal and written statement's are often required and used as trusted and respected sources of information in many delicate and classified situations. My wife nor I cannot say nor have any idea how to explain what these lights were other than "3 lights in the sky".

TV/Radio This has not been reported by us nor have we heard any report as yet.