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UFO Sighting Report - USA

January 26th 2008 : Fullerton, California

Fullerton, California - Witnesses Observed The Brea UFO Event (Huge UFO And Halo)

Date: January 26, 2008
Time: Approx: 6:00 p.m.

A friend and I saw the UFO in Brea.

I'm from Orange County and a friend and I were in his car that night on Ladera Vista Drive in Fullerton. We were up there checking out all of the multi-million dollar homes when all of the sudden off in the distance we saw something. On the horizon there were trees on both sides of us and an area of sky in between. We saw a large object float between the trees from right to left that seemed to have a halo surrounding it. It was extremely large and moved really slow as if it was floating. I'd never seen anything like it, and I wasn't sure what to make of it. I've done a lot of UFO research and personally I've never seen anything that looked even close to what I saw. I'm not sure what it was, but I saw it. It looked like a dark blue diamond on its side like this <> with rounded corners and a halo surrounding it.

Thank you to the witness for a great report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]