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UFO Sighting Report - USA

February 4th 2008 : Granite Bay, California

Granite Bay. California An Unusual Object Hovering

Date: February 4, 2008
Time: 8:05 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Granite Bay. Ca.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Blimp-like.

Full Description of event/sighting: Driving north on Folsom-Auburn Rd from the city of Folsom toward Granite Bay. First spotted what appeared to me to be a large aircraft with I'm guessing 2 to 3 lights, very bright white, almost directly inline in the direction I was traveling. This was just a little south of Folsom Damn Road. My initial impression was of a commercial aircraft with landing lights on heading toward me. Based on this assumption, my estimate was that it was over the Roseville-Rocklin vicinity, maybe 10-15 miles distant. This was a winding, slightly hilly road and I was driving between 45-50 mph. Initially it was within my view for a few minutes consistently. I did not focus on it all the time but was interested in figuring out maybe what it was since it seemed unusual in it's flight path for the area. Most commercial lights run E/W and having landing lights at that position seemed premature, especially for any southbound flight path toward the old Mather AFB where I know there is corporate commercial traffic.

As I proceeded north, the road became more winding, with many tall trees bordering it. My view of the craft became more intermittent. My focus was on driving safely, since I still assumed it was nothing more than an aircraft. But I still tried to keep a general eye on it. Not knowing whether the winding road was affecting by judgment, my distinct impression was maybe it was gradually swerving in a gentle turn slightly west. The trees along the west side of the road were interrupting any continuous view to just a few seconds.

As I approached at some point seemed to be stationary in it's position. Without being positive one way or another, it is possible it was stationary more or less from the point I first saw it. At this point I assumed it was a helicopter, with not the ordinary display of lights. This still seemed off since this is not an area I would ordinary think of helicopters. These lights were not searchlight, as the they were not scanning and there was not light stream through the sky. At approximately 2 - 1 miles of Douglas road it was evident the object was hovering within a mile ahead maybe - west of Folsom Auburn Rd. Not knowing it's size but based on my speed an approaching it I would guess it was between 500 - 1000 feet in altitude.

At this point I was pretty sure it was not a helicopter. There was no noise associated with it. The lights were more blurry at this point, not knowing whether it was due to cloud overcast or moisture in the air. My observation was still limited to quick glances of it when it came into view. My distinct impression of it at this point was of something pointing E/W, large hovering with some type of frame of lights on its south facing side. At this point I felt it had to be a blimp, or some very large balloon like object. I felt I needed to pull of to get a better and consistent view of it. There was a single vehicle behind me, following closely but no shoulder to safely pull over. I knew there was a place to turn off right within a couple hundred yards so I kept proceeding. At this point I was approaching being perpendicular with the object to the East. At this point I was able to see some of its outline. The sky was fairly dark and I could see slight difference in the shade of darkness between the object and the background sky. I saw it twice for just a split second each time. It seemed I was mostly seeing maybe the top right quarter of the object, and the closest I can say was it appeared do be blimp-like. The top portion ran E/W slight curving downward East with it changing to something indistinguishable at its end. The light were still on but much less visible and bright, seemed to be slight away from the body of the object. My impression of the lights were very indistinct, blurry, maybe shadowy, if that makes sense. There was awareness of a bulk behind them but at the same time I saw nothing distinct that you would think you would see based on the lights even if they were pointing away from the object.

I lived in Southern California for thirty years until the early 1980's, and seeing blimps were a very common occurrence living in northern Torrance near the Goodyear blimp airfield in Carson. This just seemed different. Too low to the ground where there was no imminent landing. The lights were different. Not like the normal running lights of an airship and definitely not like the commercial lights for ad display. There was no familiar hum of the engines. There was absolutely no sound at all.

As pulled past it slightly the lights were less easily seen, my assumption because I was now behind it, more toward it's north side. I pulled over on the next intersection at Fuller St. and made a quick U-turn and pulled over to the curb, expecting to see the object facing west at maybe 10-11 o'clock. But to my surprise, it was already moving south, much quicker than I anticipated, especially since I assumed it was a balloon like object. I could still see lights but much dimmer and it was moving south still. I'm guessing maybe at this point it was 1-2 miles away already. This shocked me. Blimps do not move that fast. But at the same time, it did not seem to pulling away at a fantastic speed. I decided that if it was a blimp like object I should be at least able to keep in view for awhile if I headed back south in direction I came and the direction it was proceeding so I turned left back on Auburn Folsom Rd. I had to wait from 5-10 seconds for the light to change. Already the object was I'm guessing was at least 5 mi, so I was anxious but still I followed. I only caught a glimpse of the light a couple times. Losing sight due to the winding road and the trees. I knew after I got closer to Folsom Damn Road my view would open up and then I might be able to reacquire my observation. My impression was that since I was no longer able to see the lights that it had moved back east across the road and that I had missed this flight path. When I got to the clear area it definitely not south or southwest. It was not in the air east either but I concluded the only possible conclusion for the disappearance of the craft was it went east over Lake Folsom or landed in that direction. I thought all of the assumptions were very slim. I was just trying to think of a rational logical explanation for what I observed.

If I heard this story from someone I would be skeptical. I would assume there were flaw in persons observations, logistically in the least. I am not one to make any fantastical assumptions about anything in life. I ALWAYS assume a logical explanation for everything that seems less than logical. I am very observant and analytical. Its what I do and who I am. Most people would consider me very intelligent and very informed.

If someone could explain to me possible scenarios to what I observed I would welcome them. Based on my experience I can think of absolutely nothing that would conform to my observations. Thought I will admit my view of the object were fleeting and less than very distinct, they were such that they were very analytical. I would definitely refute anybody's allegation of anything that would explain it that did not fall in line with what I observed. But at the same time I would accept that would explain it that made sense. But my sense of the timing and logistics were very accurate. I would say my guestimates of distance and height are subject to some question based on the size of the object and never getting more the a second or two glimpse of it, my ability to gauge these things has always been way above average. I am a very observant fellow. I do not base my observations on whims like most people. If I say something, it is. If I'm not sure, I will say so without problem. If I don't know, I will say so.

As far as my thoughts whether this was observed by anyone else, until I figured out it was hovering, I doubt if most people in the cars would have assumed anything abnormal. If I lived in the vicinity of where it was hovering and was outside, I'm guessing if I saw it I would had observed it. I'm guessing within a mile of the object, anyone walking or outside would have definitely after seeing it, would have continued to observe it. It was a cool night and maybe two hours after sundown. The air was generally still and the sky seemed mostly overcast but I could distinguish of couple of stars. This a suburban, semi-rural area. There seemed to be slight reflection of city lights off the overcast clouds but getting darker definitely as you move East, with it getting much darker just about at the juncture of Auburn-Folsom road, with the definite effect of the large Lake Folsom to the immediate east. When I saw the silhouette, this difference in shade of darkness of the object and sky was very slight but enough to distinguish the shape that I saw.

If needed I could make a cursory drawing of what I saw. It was not a whole image. I do not have scanner available at this moment but could do so if it would help. The drawing would be rudimentary.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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