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UFO Sighting Report - USA

February 25th 2008 : South of Cottage Grove, Oregon

Location: About 1 mile south of Cottage Grove Oregon

Date: Monday Febuary 25th 2008

Time: Around 7.00 p.m.?

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: tiangle shape

Weather Conditions: pretty clear

Description: Me and my mother was coming back from Eugene Oregon and had stopped at Cottage Grove for dinner. We got back on the freeway driving southbound for about a mile and we seen off to the left of us a big blue flashing light it had 3 points like a triangle shape and the light patterns would change. It was very slow moving and low to the ground. We pulled off the side off the freeway to get a better look and I remembered I had a camera phone. So my mom took a picture. The picture came out kinda blurry and dark but you can see the shape of something there. It was not moving very fast at all. So we just watched it trying to figure out what it was! Then we seen someone else was pulled over on the other side of the freeway going northbound. So we thought they were looking at it too. Then that car came up the freeway and crossed over to us and pulled in behind us and it was a police officer. He asked what we were doing and my mother said don't you see that big blue flashing light and he said no I don't see anything and said we had to leave now and could not stay in the area. I thought it was strange how we got ran off and I know for a fact he saw it!

TV/Radio I did not see anything on t.v or the radio I listen and looked. Because I was wanting to know what it was we seen and if anybody eles had seen it. the freeway was very busy that night.