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UFO Sighting Report - USA

April 2008 : Clear Lake, Iowa

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Clear Lake, Iowa USA

Date: April ? 2008

Time: Between 8 and 9pm

Number of witnesses: 1 Known

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Cigar Shaped

Weather Conditions: Low Clouds, the object was in a cloud, moving with the cloud

Description: Downtown in a small tourist town in Iowa, I had lived in an apartment above a dress shop, across Main Street from the bars, and my ex-roommate was still and still is living there. If you go out the back door, you are on the roof of what was at the time a lunch hour restaurant. I was out on this roof area, on the phone with my girlfriend. There was a fair amount of noise, it was Friday night and downtown Clear Lake gets pretty crowded. I heard an odd pulsating noise, different than the sound of the bass from the dance club, and without thinking about it turned my head towards the noise, in the sky. The roof of the upper level was above me, and above the roofline, I noticed a yellow light move to behind a chimney that is on the roof. Another yellow light was moving towards the chimney a short distance behind the first light. I thought it was weird that there were two lights moving so slowly in unison, and the noise I was hearing didn't match up with any small planes.

Wanting to get a better view, I ran down the back steps into the alley and around to the side of the building. Looking up, I couldn't believe what I saw. There was a low cloud moving east to west, which made sense for the weather that had been going on, but in this cloud was a craft moving the same speed and direction as the cloud. The lights of downtown illuminated the cloud and the craft enough that I could make it out clearly. It appeared to be semi metallic in substance, and was clearly a large cigar shape. It had no windows, no wings, there was no exhaust. On the front aspect and the rear aspect were a kind of ring going around the craft, a yellow light coming down from the top to the bottom, around to the other side and up, looping around and around so that if you were in front of the craft they would be going apparently counter clockwise. The front and rear lights were moving in unison,and as they went around it was obvious that they were in time with the pulsating sound I could hear.

This whole time I was still on the phone. My girlfriend was in the middle of a story I obviously wasn't paying too much attention to anymore, and I interrupted her with several profanities and I ran up the stairs, into the building, down the hall, into the apartment, and into the bathroom to hide (because obviously, if this was some kind of attack, this would be the safest place for me to be), not something I would choose to do as I was a heavy cigarette smoker at the time. Eventually, I calmed down enough to end the call with my girlfriend and come out and tell my friends what I had seen (being such great friends, they assumed I was insane, but I guess that beats being called a liar.)

I have always believed in UFOs and seen my fair share of oddities in the air, but I had always personally thought the cigar sightings were hoaxes, the concept of a cigar maintaining flight didn't seem logical to me. But now I've seen one. I know what I saw, I saw it plain as day. As far as I know, I was the only person downtown to see it (although it was visible from where I was at, from where most of the drinkers were at, it would have been out of sight, it was south of mainstreet and the buildings would have been in their way.) I don't care if people think I'm crazy, I know it was there. Some of the UFOs I've seen I could believe are secret or experimental HUMAN craft, but even the most optimistic and skeptical side of me can't believe this craft was the result of human engineering, and something in me (I am very intuitive) tells me there was life on that craft, but it wasn't human. Not the only UFO i've ever seen, but definitely the closest (I couldn't estimate in feet or anything, but if it were downtown NYC, it would have hit a building that close to the ground).