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UFO Sighting Report - USA

April 21st 2008 : Phoenix, Arizona

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, Good ol' USA

Date: April 21 2008

Time: Between 7pm to 8:15 or 8:30

Number of witnesses: 20 to 30 people

Number of objects: 4 red lights

Shape of objects: bright red lights, an object moving like no aircraft of this world

Weather Conditions: clear and beautiful night

Description: To make a long story short, we were a car dealership in N. Phoenix on 16th st and Bell Rd, the salesman saw the lights 1st, they were 4 bright red lights, very low to the ground, low enough to be mistaken as lights off a cell phone tower...The object slowly got higher and higher and at a certain distance, thats when the magic happened. The lights appeared to make all kinds of crazy shapes.

I called 911 2 times, the 1st conversation was brief, the 2nd one, the dispatcher noticed I had already called, and want me to stay on the phone and describe what I was seeing, we ended up having a 15 min conversation that was recorded, the news station Cannel 3 was on site with a breaking story.

The chilling thing about that night is when all that was going, at a certain point, you could not hear anything at all, all the Dogs in the surrounding neighborhoods were barking at once, they were so loud they drowned out the sounds of the passing cars, the car lot is on a corner of a busy street in a big city....................The reason I came to this website is because the sighting on 4/21/08, look at the date 4/21/08, if you read it backwards it shows 8/21/04 the same date the Tinley Park sighting happened...The date 10/31/04 and 10/1/05 are dates other sightings happened in your area...If I'm correct, there a 50 50 chance either the dates already happened 4/31/01, and 5/1/01, or something will happen on 4/31/10, and 5/1/10...I will have my camera's ready, I know it sounds a little crazy but keep in mind, there a strange link the Tinley Park, and Phoenix, the days of years it happened...When the red lights when out in Phoenix they turned into what appeared to be stars and sat in the sky.....THEY came out and said it was flares, WE know what WE saw and IT was NO flares, all the video footage you need is there, compare it ..............

TV/Radio: AZ 3 TV station, and a Phoenix police department.