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UFO Sighting Report - USA

May 4th 2008 : Lake Jackson, Texas

Lake Jackson, Texas A Crescent Shaped Gaseous Object

Date: May 4, 2008
Time: Midnight

Location of Sighting: My back porch
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Crescent shaped gaseous object.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was sitting on my back porch around midnight having a cigarette on the night of May the 4th. Something caught my attention in the sky to my left. It seemingly appeared out of nowhere right in front of my eyes. An enormous crescent shaped object flew across the sky to the east right in front of me. I really have no way to judge the altitude this object was flying at, but I would say it had to have been flying under at under 10,000 ft. The object consisted of four huge circular/orb shaped lights encompassed by a gray gaseous aura. The lights were extremely bright and were mainly white but had a hint of green and bluish hues. I could clearly see the huge aura it spread around itself as it was very contrasting to the clouds and the night sky.

The gaseous aura was not just the glow of the lights; it was clearly defined and appeared as a moving cloud or fog in the sky. The four lights moved together in a way that leads me to believe that this was one object. Their arrangement in the sky outlined a crescent or boomerang shaped object with a very rounded curve. The objected flew at an incredible rate of speed, but was either large enough or flying low enough that I could very clearly see it. The whole sighting lasted I would say 5-10 seconds, but it feels like it lasted forever. The object was simply flying so fast that it was gone almost as soon as I had seen it. I was completely terrified and sat in my chair in what felt like a state of shock. It made no sound as it flew towards the east.The weirdest part was the aura it emitted. It was like a puff of smoke moving like a wave all around the lights while soaring through the sky. I sat in the chair and stared at the sky for probably 20 minutes. I saw nothing fantastic again, but a jet appeared about 10 minutes after the sighting heading in the same direction as the object. It was flying in at a very high altitude, but the lights on the underside of the plane lead me to believe that it was a military plane. It was flying very fast and was very loud for the altitude it was at. This sighting has been sort of haunting me.

To make this all even weirder, earlier in the week as I was driving home; I noticed two bright lights in the sky. They were just barely visible to me over a tree line, but they were yellowish-red glowing orbs. Very bright, and very large. They appeared to be slowly changing their orientation, but for the most part seemed to remain in the same general spot. I lost sight of them for a second, and had to pay attention to my driving. The next time I got a chance to look for the orbs they appeared to have moved to a completely different part of the sky, and now they had a more vertical orientation to one another than they did before. The first time I saw them they were in a lined up horizontally, and this time vertically in a different part of the sky. I lost sight of them again and was a little freaked out.

Then about 3 minutes later as I was nearing home, I heard a jet and looked out the window. It was very apparent that it was a military plane. It had the shape of an F18/16 and was flying very low. At that time I told myself that the other two lights I had seen were also planes. I told a friend later that evening and kind of joked about seeing a UFO. After the sighting of the gaseous object that I saw on the morning of May the 4th, and the sighting I had while driving on Wednesday April the 30th; I think I've witnessed something extraordinary. Both times I saw objects in the sky, very shortly afterwards I saw very obvious military aircraft seemingly chasing them. I have never seen or heard of anything like the gaseous UFO I saw. It didn't seem to be a solid object, but if flew across the sky along a straight line like it were a jet.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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