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UFO Sighting Report - USA

May 24th 2008 : Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, Virginia Unknown Object Shines Cone Of Light Downward

Date: May 24, 2008
Time: Evening.

I found this header and description at I have been putting "May 24th, 2008 UFO" into Google for months now and this is the first time I've come across this item. It sounds similar to something I saw that evening.

I was outside smoking a cigarette and as I always do. I scanned the sky for SKEDS flying over head. I noticed an object moving at a fair clip at about 50 degrees elevation on an azimuth of approx. 260 degrees from my position in Richmond, Virginia. The direction of flight was south to north. I had this object in sight for about 11 seconds. My initial thought was a satellite, because there were no position lights or anti-collision beacons. Any airliner. I don't care how high on a clear night these lights are visible. I've been pinpointing and watching space objects since Sputnik went up. Brightness was similar to any of the three stars in Orion's belt.

After I zeroed in on the object, I saw the strangest thing, if it had been a nearby helicopter I would describe a searchlight to you. A cone of light appeared, it was pointed straight down from the object. Now I'm thinking aircraft with a landing light on, no way that can't be. The light is on for a count of three and then fades out. Instant on and then fade out, just like the description in that sighting from Winnipeg. How big was the cone, say a 200 mile high orbit I estimate a length for the cone at 15 miles and a base diameter of 6 or 7 miles. After the cone fades out I'm totally engrossed and am saying to myself, WTH!! and the object then vanishes.

Now it gets even weirder, just to the south, azimuth about 195 degrees there is a streak across the sky ! It was either a 5000 mph fast mover of some sort or it was an instant on 1 second burst from a laser. This was no meteorite. Trajectory was totally flat and direction was east to west. Light was white. I mean this was a fast streak of something. The streak would not have come near the other event based on it's direction of travel, but my single observation point can not be totally accurate, but I'm putting my best estimations in this description. Another point about that night... I stayed outside and observed the sky for the next 3 hours and I didn't see a SKED at any time! I don't care what time it is ..if you look at the sky here you'll see airliners all night long as major air traffic corridors pass over central Virginia. Was it restricted airspace for a test? Did airline pilots see the same thing I saw?

Well I don't know what I saw, a UFO. A show off UFO or a space based particle or laser weapon test? I am 61 years old, I was an air traffic controller in my younger days.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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