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UFO Sighting Report - USA

May 31st 2008 : Albuquerque, New Mexico

UFOINFO E-ail Sighting Report

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Date: May 31st 2008

Time: 6:45pm approx.

Dear Sir(s),

My name is Jason and I live in Albuquerque, NM. I didn't really think of relaying this to anybody, for two reasons. One, it can be embarrasing to give an account of what one sees, that is out of the ordinary, only to have it be proven to be something mundane. Two, I am probably one of the worst candidates to give an eyewitness account; I must admit that I am sort of a science/science fiction and space enthusiast; in my early 20's I did quite a bit of psychedelics; and I am an artist. These reasons have kept me from saying anything. Another thing that you should know is that my father was in the aeronautics industry for over 25 years. I am fairly familiar with how aircraft operate, with respect to the way aircraft normally responds to flight, whether it be friction, or atmospheric resistance. I also can fairly guess an aircrafts’ distance, and how it should (or should not) sound. One other thing, I am a skeptic. I don’t believe that extraterrestrials have come to earth at any time, in any form. (I still don’t.)

On May 31, 2008, there was an (obvious) weather balloon suspended over Albuquerque, which was raised near the airport, I think. Everyone out here knows that- it was on the local news and everything. The airport is in the southwest part of the city, attached to the south side of Kirtland Air Force Base. I live about 2 miles from the Airport, and I live about 1/8th of a mile from the Air Force base. (The Air Force base runs east to west, from the southeast mountains, near Moriarty, to the west, an area known as the South Valley. The Base runs parallel to a street called Gibson Bl.

Myself, and my two sons, 3 and 8, saw the weather balloon from the park across the street from the house, around 6:00 that afternoon. We ran home, and right away we met our neighbor, who has a dispatch radio in his truck, and he confirmed that it was in fact a weather balloon. We accepted this with grace, but were fascinated by how brilliant the weather balloon was, so myself, my wife, my older son and a neighbor sat outside and stared at it for about 45 minutes. Around 7:00 (approx.) my wife went inside, and I began to text message a friend when my neighbor said, “What is that?” I looked up, and saw something.

(If I didn’t have my neighbor out there with me, I probably would’ve kept this to myself.)

The object resembled an arrowhead, with a shiny, black surface, but not flat, but rather cone shaped. It looked like polished black stone, and as it neared us overhead, it sort of changed. I can’t describe this change. We could see it happen in a split second, but it’s hard to describe what the change looked like. It flew past us, about 40 – 45 degrees from the ground, and when it was close, it was silver, it had a disk shape, with bevels along the edges, and a circle of red lights. It flew like nothing I had ever seen before. Specifically, we could tell that it was close – between the weather balloon and us, but oddly, the craft made no sound. In addition, it flew with an incredible steadiness. It seemed impervious to air resistance or friction. It didn’t spin either, like you would expect from a Frisbee or something, it simply made its way across the sky as if it was connected to an invisible track. As it was in its disk shape, the surface of the object fluctuated, from a bright, chrome like appearance to a murky tin-like texture. When it underwent these fluctuations, there was sort of a murky haze that enveloped the thing during its brief transitions. From our standpoint, the object was about the size of half a dime. It flew in front of us to the north, when after a few seconds, it reverted back into the cone-shaped object. This all took place in a matter of about ten seconds.

I didn’t experience any profound feelings or apprehension. I guess the only strange thing is that when looking at it, I had an immense sense of the weight and tangibility of the object. My wife and I tried to rationalize what I saw for about an hour or so afterward, and I sketched it, but afterward I tried to put it out of my mind. However, the next day my neighbor came over and said, “We did see what we saw, didn’t we?”

Again, it hasn’t really bothered me, except for the fact that what I witnessed was so stereotypical, which has made me reluctant to say anything to anyone. But what has made me write is this – one, I looked up UFO sightings in Albuquerque and I was surprised to find that there were many - but I take that with a grain of salt because New Mexico is the home of Roswell, and it carries a stigma and fascination among the residents. Also, I told a couple of co-workers, and they didn’t treat me like I was crazy.