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UFO Sighting Report - USA

June 19th 2008 : Murrysville & Delmont, Pennsylvania

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Murrysville, PA, USA & Delmont, PA, USA

Date: 6-19-08

Time: approx 3:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1 & 7

Shape of objects: Saturn-shaped with dome on top, RED pulsing with sequentially flashing white lights.

Weather Conditions: partly cloudy, bright moon

Description: Murrysville, PA, approx. 3:30AM: My 12-year-old daughter was up (sneaking) talking on phone to friend looking out her bedroom window (facing south) at the moon when a red-glowing pulsing craft came into view instantly (in the blink of an eye) to the right out bedroom window over a wooded valley in front of our house. It was a "saturn" shaped disk with dome on top. It had a row of small white lights close to the lower edge that raced one at a time to the right, then traveled back again, repeating. The whole craft glowed red that got brighter then dimmer. It moved slowly just above the tree line until it was directly in front of her window where it hovered silently (moving slightly, not stationary) for several more seconds. This was almost directly above our neighbor's house down in the woods. She said the craft was about 16 feet or so in length, only big enough for 2 passengers. It did the hovering light show several times before moving off quickly to the east. Her boyfriend on the phone told her as she described it and said it must be a UFO because planes don't glow like that. After she told him it left, he looked out his own window towards our house (his is about 5 miles away) and counted 7 red "lights" traveling in a group. It scared him, so he ducked and couldn't tell what direction they were traveling--he thinks it might have been north. Daughter's drawing of what she saw confirmed disk shape with top smaller-sized dome, not plane etc.

We joked that our garden lights which are 16 multi-colored, pulsing, solar-powered LED lights on poles lining our garden wall in a half-circle must be what attracted them--it looks like one is already here!

[I have asked for a copy of the drawing if possible - John @ UFOINFO]



Sorry to get back so late, but my fax/scanner/printer broke and I just got a new one. I colored in her drawing of the craft with the approximate color--it was pulsing red with white lights that chased back and forth. She said it was about the length of my bedroom (which is 16 feet long). I'm attaching a screen photo of the google satellite map of our house ("A") with details of the path, etc. and a pic of her pointing to where it hovered over our neighbor's big house (which is down in the woods and secluded most of the year) before heading off in the direction of Delmont, where her friend that was on the phone at the time saw 7 "pink" dots traveling together after my daughter told him it left. A pic of our livingroom (which has alot of windows on 3 sides (facing S, E, & N) shows why we have seen 3 other anomalies pre-2008--2 neon green fireball/spark kind of thing that totally lit up the sky and an arching fireball that never crashed (we ran outside to listen for a "boom"). All three were on the East side of the house.

A video posted to MUFON of sighting on 7-16-08 (the first one) shows the same type of chasing lights (although they look blue on that video) and the second video shows a red "dot" which my daughter says is the same color (although that one doesn't appear to be pulsating)--- these two videos where shot in Westmoreland County, PA where we live, so we're pretty sure they must be the same type as our sighting. My daughter's sighting was close enough to ge able to draw the shape, though, and so should be helpful. We've seen 2 separate moving "stars" that moved, then disappeared (while sitting in our hot tub in the yard late at night) since the 6-19-08 sighting, but didn't report them because they didn't seem as important and would lack detail/information.

If you need any more information, please call me.

Drawing of the red ufo drawn by the witness

Witness pointing to wher ethe object was seen

Photo of living room