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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 2008 : Norton, Massachusetts

Norton, Massachusetts Close Encounters With UFOs

Date: July 2008
Time: Dusk.

Location of Sighting: Norton, Mass. above a friend's yard.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: V shaped.

Full Description of event/sighting: Last summer I was sitting in my car at my friend's house. I was in her driveway, waiting for her to get her stuff together because we were going to leave to get iced coffee's. As we always do on our weekly Friday night hangouts. I was sitting there and she was looking down-going through her wallet or something. I happened to look forward and almost directly in front of me-maybe 35 feet above the ground, I see a small V shaped craft coming out of the trees in her yard above and alley to the side of her little two bedroom house. I couldn't even believe what I was looking at, it was so unbelievable and it made absolutely no noise whatsoever. I could see it completely. It was a July night at dusk. It looked to be roughly the size of a mid size car, small truck. It was gunmetal grey with a slight sheen to it. It had 5 lights on it altogether. Two on each wing and one at the tip. The lights didn't appear to be on. They looked like a dull, muted yellow color.

They reminded me of the canlights that I have in my kitchen. They were all the same size and shape in diameter. It ever so slowly came out of the trees hovering for a few seconds and slowly, slowly drifted off over the other houses on her street and onto another town. I would assume. Now, when this all went down, she wasn't paying attention at all. When it had passed in front of me, this is when I smacked her arm to look, because I couldn't take my eyes off what I was looking at. I just sat there in awe because it was like looking at a special effect in a sci-fi movie. So insane, I still can't wrap my brain around it. So she did see it, but it was the tail end of it. At the time I remember just staring at the sky where I had just seen it pass.

Then I realized a heard sniffling next to me. It's my friend, quietly sobbing to herself. I asked her what was wrong and she said absolutely nothing to me and I left it at that. I have no idea why. It was as if it was just too much for our brains to handle, that we behaved as if it were a dream and not real. Well, for whatever reason I started thinking about it. It was another Friday night about 6 weeks later when I got over there, we were sitting in her driveway again and I brought it up. She was clearly uncomfortable talking about it. I asked her what her problem was and she was defensive about it. I said to her that we're not going to pretend like we didn't see that and I didn't know why we hadn't talked about it before. She went on to say that she thought it had to be a military aircraft. I looked at her like she was talking ragtime (as my late Dad would have said) because I knew what I had seen.

When we actually talked about it, she was just plain scared and didn't want to think it was something other worldly because that's just too weird to be able to accept. It was really my sighting is what I eventually came up with. Because it wasn't a clear enough sighting for her to be absolutely convinced of anything, so she had convinced herself that it 'could be' of military origin. I had an ex-boyfriend that was in the military. I know where our bases are in this area. I've been to the air shows with the Stealth bombers, etc. and also my Dad worked for Delta Airlines for 36 years, so I do know a thing or two about things that fly in the sky. In my opinion, we have nothing to compare to the capabilities of this ship. It is so crazy to me when I think about it, what I saw with my own two eyes. Also, what in the world would an undercover military test be unfolding in a suburban neighborhood above a bunch of cottages around a lake? What would be the purpose to that? Why not over a huge abandoned field, or body of water? Why would they choose to test their top-secret ships above people's homes in a small little neighborhood? It just didn't make any sense. That's why I know it's a bunch of crap.

Not only that, I've seen things in the sky my whole life. I've been an avid stargazer my whole life. I've seen unidentified flying something's, tons of times in my lifetime. I'm about to turn 39 in a couple of months, so I'm not new to this planet. I've always noticed strange things in the sky, but there's been an increase in the number of weird sightings for me in the past few years for some reason. A few summers ago I watched what appeared to be a flat electric green diamond with an electric white rod running through the center of it, with electric red tips at the end of the rod. I watched it and watched it and it actually morphed into what appeared to be an electric green 3-D pyramid. It lost the other two colors and just hung there in the sky, so weird. I've believed in these things from a very young age because I remember my Dad telling me a story of when he was 13 years old, he had been camping in a wooded conservation area in his hometown with two friends. They looked up into the night sky and saw 7 bright aqua blue lights darting back and forth around each other at unnaturally high rates of speed. They were freaked out, big-time. Others reported seeing things that night too. But it was 1951 at the time, so people weren't exactly comfortable talking about those things, even less than today I'm sure. Because of that story, I always had an open mind to that sort of thing, because I know my Dad wasn't a liar. When I was 20,or so I had a friend from the same town as my Dad tell me that she had seen a craft over the same conservation area a few years before, when she had been in a car with a friend and her boyfriend.

She said it actually looked kind of cheesy like from a 50's sci-fi movie. She said it was a saucer shaped disc with two antenna's at the top. She said it hung there over the trees for an hour or so. They never discussed it, ever. A few years ago I was on my way to a couple's house that I'm friend's with that happen to live on a street that's directly attached to this conservation area also. I'm approaching their street and I notice that there are several people pulled off to the side of the road, some actually out of their cars and looking and pointing up to the sky. So I look up,and behind the clouds are bursts of color, purple, blue, yellow and pink lighting up the clouds. It was insane. I drove to their house and told them and they looked at me like I was a crazy person. I just remembered this too, this past summer I happened to notice something that looked quite strange in a field to my left as I was driving up a main road. It was a perfectly burned circle in a huge field. I thought that looked very odd.

Kept thinking about it for a few days and ended up just grabbing my camera and walking down into the field and stepping into it. I took pictures of it from every angle that I could. Nothing was growing inside of it. All the flowers and plant life were growing on the outside perimeter of it. It didn't have any fancy markings in it or anything. It was just a perfectly burnt patch of land. Now that it's winter, I've driven by it again and again, same deal, never grew in. It is still dark and dead area, and finally, my last tale which is actually quite unnerving for me just telling the story. I wasn't there for it, but the visual was creepy enough to make me feel like I had seen it for myself, here goes. My friend, the one in the driveway, she had been coming home from her friend's house at around 2:30am. It's a rural road in our hometown. There wasn't a soul on the road at the time. She said she was listening to the radio and Bob Seger's 'Night Moves' was on, when she noticed something out of the corner of her left eye and looked up. She said she saw a V shaped craft that she was trying to convince herself was a plane, but the way it was approaching was strangely disturbing in the way that it came in very, very low and silently. It was at night, so obviously not able to see the color of the craft, but she said it looked black and it had 6 lights on it, 3 on each wing.

She said that it looked like it was standing on end at first. Then slowly came to lay more flat, with the lights down. She said she stopped in the road to watch it, she was in such shock, that she just had to see what it was. She said it was as if it were observing her and making sure to show her that what she was seeing was the real deal. She said it hovered, lowered itself, turned a little, dropped again, turned a little in the opposite direction. She said it looked as if it were trying to position itself to land in-between the pine trees in this random person's side yard. She just sat there in disbelief. Then she saw car lights coming up behind her, so she took off. She said she wanted to turn around to see if it had landed, but was too freaked out by that time and flew home, ran upstairs and woke her sleeping husband up to tell him the story. He's more open to these things because his parents had woken him and his siblings up when they were small children to show them a UFO that was outside their house.

This was in the 60's. I was thrilled that she had her own sighting because it made it that much more real to her and me. I live in Massachusetts. I don't know if it's because I live in the sticks or what, but it seems like every time I hear a story from someone around here, they've seen something in the country or a neighborhood. No huge mass sightings like you hear of on TV or UFO documentaries. Oh, just remembered one other thing, my husband's aunt's husband (hope you follow that) used to be a fireman over a decade ago now. Anyways he lived in a super rural area at the time too. He said that he was at work one night and there had been alot of static on the police/fire radio. Lots of people calling in to report weird objects flying in the sky. He said his shift ended and he stepped outside to walk to his vehicle. He looked up and he could see what appeared to be two ships.

One to his left over one town and one to his right over another town. He couldn't believe it. He said he got in his truck and started driving home. He said that something very strange happened. He said that it was as if the ship's were aware of him being aware of them. He said they started getting closer to each other and to him. He said they basically came together over his vehicle. I don't remember how close together they were or how high they were over him, but he said he was so scared that he didn't know if he was going to be able to make it into his house. He said he did run into the house and woke up his brother that he was living with at the time. He said they hovered over their place for over an hour. He is a completely credible person. I would have no reason to think that he would have made that up please. When I think about all of the true stories I have heard of, or read, seen etc. it's crazy. Clearly there are things going on behind the scenes. Don't know why in the world people aren't just talking about it. That's it. Figured I should probably write this down instead of just keeping it to myself, or sharing it with people that I know and trust not to judge me,or think I need an intervention of some kind. Thanks for letting me tell my stories.

Thank you to the witness for their reports.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show.

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