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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 6th 2008 : Pointe LaBarbe Inn, St. Ignace, Michigan

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Pointe LaBarbe Inn, St. Ignace, Michigan

Date: July 6th 2008

Time: Approx 12:30am

Number 0f witnesses: 4

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Ball shaped with tail

To whom it may concern,

I came across a Submission from a person who saw an object in Gladwin Michigan the night of July 6th 2008

Myself and some of my family saw the same object the same night about the same time. I have been looking many months all over the internet to see if anyone had the same experience at that time...I finally found one.

There were 4 of us, My sister, Her boyfriend who is a police officer in Southern Michigan, My husband and myself, we were lodging at Pointe LaBarbe Inn off of highway 2 Near St. Ignace MI, Point LaBarbe Inn is small cabin resort we were in the back of our cabins having a late night camp fire watching stars when this happened.

I am including everything I wrote when I got home from our vacation in as much detail and research as a non professional investigator as I could. I am leaving out names to protect them.

If this should find you please inform the person who wrote about their sighting...That they are not the only ones.

Our Sighting

So I pealed through star charts and doing my best to exact my location on the globe.

At about 12:30 am EST July 6th, west of the Mackinac Bridge outside St. Ignace, Michigan, my sister, her boyfriend, my husband and myself were sitting around the campfire chating and watching stars, I was positioned facing the Northeast, Juan was positioned facing Southeast, My sister and her boyfriend positioned facing Southwest.

All I remember is this

Juan said loudly UM YOU GUYS he points and stands up, so I turn..and my mouth dropped open, I stood up and say a few interesting words, My sister and Her boyfriend stand up and we all start saying OH MY GOD! My dumb butt had my camera right there but you know I couldnt take a picture, I didnt want to miss what i was seeing.

It came in from the southeast somewhere to the right of Aquila (see Picture Below), I say Aquila because it came in toward the right of the star Altair, it came in so fast at first I saw this glowing white light and as it passed over us just a little to the southwest of our center location it was almost over our heads, as it passed it had a white center ball then an outside layer of yellow and a thin layer of a light orange, it had a long tail but nothing like meteorites who cast a long after trail when they shoot, this had a tail maybe twice its ball size long, the tail at first it seemed like a fan but it wasnt it had 2 tails one that cast white yellow and orange and one that was clearly blue and both came to points. It was hauling faster than anything I have ever seen, it was in the atmosphere and to my own eyes somewhere between the size of an eraser head and a dime in the sky it was huge, it was spectacular and very very fast, it went all the way to the lower part of the celestial dome in the north, and Ursa Major was it's background so North of Ursa Major.

Star chart showing approximate flight path of object

Now im also well aware that there are several comets happening around earth, Comet C/2007 W1 Boattini, Comets C/2006 Q1 McNaught, C/2008 A1 McNaught, and 19P/Borrelly (2008) and according to the info on them you pretty much still need a telescope to get a decent look at them... This was to close to be a comet, so close that when my sister saw it she ducked because she thought it was a plane getting ready to crash..thats how close it was, no need to use a telescope it was just that close.

I have attached a picture of the best origination, path and ending as far as i could figure according to our location. The event between 12:30 and 1:15am and went on for a good maybe 30-50 seconds maybe even longer, the star chart is the most accurate depiction of the stars around that time this is the star positions at our location at 1am. We would have been in the center looking toward the Southeast when it came into view it traveled directly over our heads into the Northwest where we watched it till it disappeared out of our range of view.

My Grandpa was in the Air Force so I grew up pretty familiar with anything government flown or NASA oriented it's a family pride thing, and when I was young I was obsessed with comets, space ect... I am 34 now, a big sky watcher all my life...I have never ever seen anything like this ever.

If you have any questions I can be contacted through my email, also if the person who witnessed this in Gladwin MI, you have my permission to send the person my account and contact email.

Thank you