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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 12th 2008 : Corona, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Corona, California

Date: July 12, 2008 Saturday

Time: 10:30 PM

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Round Light

Weather Conditions: Mostly Clear

Description: I live in Eagle Glen and was taking my puppy out when I saw a bright white light, so white it looked blue moving erratically and then disappearing. Would then reappear, it also looks like it would land and turn off it lights. Sometimes the light would turn red. It was not an aircraft or helicopter as nothing could move that way.

I viewed this for about 5 minutes and called my husband and mother. I thought it had disappeared for good but it reappeared about 10 minutes later. I found my RCA small wonder camera and begin to film but it was about 3 or 4 miles away and the camera is kind of cheap and it looked further away than what was filmed. It was over the Cleveland National Forest.

When my mom arrived it had disappeared but then we saw a very bright white light, we thought perhaps a car light but the light traveled low on the hill going east and there is no road there. I called 911 to report around 10:45 PM and they asked if something had crashed and I said no it was an aircraft not from here. It looked like they sent out fire department or a car went to look behind The Retreat in the Cleveland National Forest the object would disappear or turn lights off.

I have video and will try to post shortly as my computer is downloading it very slowly. I will also report to UFO hotline 206-722-3000. I have heard there have been recent reports in the Corona area in the paper, etc. If you also saw this please post.

TV/Radio: I will report to Press Enterprise and ABC today.




I want to provide an update regarding the sighting posted on your web site at I also live in same area as the person reporting the sighting. This person was very incorrect. My wife and I witnessed the same object at the same date/time. However, unlike the person that originally reported the sighting I went out to investigate. It turns out is was several young adults flying a model flying saucer in the local park (e.g. EagleGlen Community Park). The toy UFO measured about 4 feet in length and was able to fly high above the park which is why it seemed it was flying high in the sky. The youths have already been sited in the past by local police for this type of activity. Can you please provide this update to the person that made the original report so that they don't waste local 911/police/fire resources on these types of pranks? Thank you.

[Name deleted]
EagleGlen Resident
Corona, CA *****