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UFO Sighting Report - USA

August 26th 2008 : Holladay, Utah

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Holladay, UT (Salt Lake City suburb)

Date: August 26, 2008

Time: around 9:00 PM

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: 1 horshoe crab shape (basically spherical) and two boomerang shapes

Weather Conditions: mostly clear

Description: I was looking on the web to see if others had seen the objects I saw when I found your report from February 9th 2008 10:30 AM. The sighting is remarkably similar.

I was sitting on the back lawn facing the Wasatch mountains and happened to look south at the very bright star now in the southern skies. The sun was down and it was night with a little lighter color still around the horizon. There was what appeared to be a dim, circular cluster of stars near the bright one that suddenly began to move as a group in an almst due east direction. It was very high and must have been emense. The speed was way beyond anything I've ever seen. While in motion I could see that the shape was basically round but slightly extended to the rear like a horshoe crab.

I watched it until it disappeared behind some trees and over what would be the Uinta mountain range to the south of me.

Something caught the corner of my eye and I looked up and to the north-east. I observed two huge boomerang or delta-wing shapes traveling at enormous speed. They had come from the North-West, over the city, and were bound for the same spot on the horizon where the other object had disappeared.

They were relatively high and made no sound in the very still evening air. One was slightly higher than the other. The remarkable thing is that had I not been blessed with very color-sensitive sight, I might have missed them totally. It was the movement in the outer perimeter of my vision that caught my attention. The undersides were a blue that almost matched the lighter shade of the sky at the horizon.