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UFO Sighting Report - USA

October 10th & 11th 2008 : Forest City - Clear Lake, Iowa / Clear Lake, Iowa

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Forest City - Clear Lake, Iowa / Clear Lake, Iowa

Date: October 10th & 11th 2008

Number of witnesses: 1 first sighting, 3 second sighting

To whom it may concern,

My name is [name removed], and I have a UFO experience that I think is related to a story I just read of a sighting in Miami, FL on the same day, Oct 11, 2008, although my incident took place in north-central Iowa. The story appeared to have been posted to a website through you, you apparently heard the story firsthand or were e-mailed of the incident.

The Miami incident was concerning a person who observed, apparently at a much lower altitude than I did, a craft with no lights that through the course of his observation he determined to be self-camouflaging to the night sky, a theme that echoes in my two experiences.

October 10th 2008 : Forest City - Clear Lake, Iowa

The first experience was Oct 10, 2008. I had just started my vacation, which I was taking because my mom was remarrying that weekend. This night, I had decided to go hiking at Pilot Knob State Park, in Forest City, IA. My friend and I had climbed the tower which is on top of the hill and watched the sunset. I was driving his car back to Clear Lake, about 20 minutes away, while he slept in the passenger seat. There was a near-full moon, a little over a quarter the way through its crossing of the sky, and I was driving south on a rural highway. Suddenly, to the west of the moon by about twice the breadth of a full moon, a bright white light appeared and was moving east. Immediately I assumed it was a shooting star, so I focused on it. I noticed immediately that it was moving too slow, and seemed to be in controlled flight. I also noticed that its color and light-type was the same as that of the moon. It crossed just below the moon, and when it was equally far away from the moon to the east as it had been to the west when it appeared, it disappeared. I verbally expressed, through vulgarity, my shock at what I had just seen, which woke up my friend, who asked what I was talking about, but immediately told me to shut up and went back to sleep. I don't know why, but I got the impression whatever this was was at an incredible altitude, was moving very fast, and considering this and triangulation, was actually very far away from north central Iowa. I immediately thought it was perhaps a government test of some sort of visible stealth that bends light in some way so the object itself is invisible, and that I had only seen it because it was in my line of sight too close to the moon, and directed the moonlight my direction.

October 11th 2008 : Clear Lake, Iowa

I forgot about this completely as the events of my moms weekend got underway. On the 11th, we had her rehearsal dinner, and afterwards, my mom and her now husband, myself, my girlfriend, my older (military sniper) brother, and his girlfriend went to the bar my mom frequents in Clear Lake. My girlfriend and myself were outside on a patio-area, facing north talking to my bro and his girlfriend, and in the middle of a sentence my brother stops and let out a profanity and pointed up. We turned and looked up, and there were two more of these objects passing in front of the moon, east to west this time, moving at the same speed side by side, far enough apart that one transited in front of the moon while the other was about half a moon-width below the moon. I began to comment that I had seen one of these the night before, but was interrupted by the appearance of a third which passed between the other two at a much faster speed. The other two, in what I found astonishing since these things really do seem to be above the atmosphere, turned on a dime and quickly accelerated after the third, all three of them disappearing as they passed the apparent threshold distance from the moon. The way the two turned was odd, they remained the same distance apart the whole time, one appeared to slow and slowly turn in a very tight turn, while the other one looped around it and ended up on the other side by the end of the turn, so they stayed relationally together, like the tips of opposing wings of an aircraft would, if the aircraft were able to turn so tightly, although these two things were not connected physically.

The first time I observed this, I could have written it off as crazy, but the second time, my brother and my girlfriend saw it too (my brothers girlfriend refuses to admit that she saw it because "that stuff isn't in the bible, so its not real"). My brother also got the impression that what we saw wasn't the crafts themselves, but moonlight being redirected by some type of light-bending camouflage, although as a result of the third craft flying by (in what I assume even in the vastness of space was uncomfortably close and fast, let alone head-on) and the amazing maneuvering of the two, and the fact that there was a reaction and apparent chase, we don't think its a government test, and honestly with that maneuvering and speed, we doubt its of human origin (if any nation had that technology, there would either be no threat of war, or whatever country had it would have quickly crushed any enemies.)

I was intrigued to read that someone else had seen an similarly acting craft on the same evening, although he apparently saw it much lower to the ground and moving much slower. Yours was the only contact information associated with the story, so you got to hear mine.

Thank you for your time.

[Name removed]

Cedar Falls, IA


Report forwarded by Brian Vike after he stopped updating his website.


HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]