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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Various days in November 2008 : Nassau County, Long Island, New York

Nassau County, Long Island, New York Stationary Cone Shaped UFO

Date: Various days in November 2008
Time: Between 6:30 and 7:15 p.m.

Location: Long Island Expressway [LIE] (I-495) near exit 39, east bound side.
Shape of Object: bright white light shaped light a cone.
Number of objects: 1 - 5

The encounter begins about two weeks ago, not long after the encounter I previously described. I started taking the LIE home instead of the Parkway because of the rash of bad traffic recently and because I really didn't want to be in a position to be staring up at the sky while parked in traffic. The three lighted thing, the triangle thing, seeing it really kind of bugged me.

So around November 5th, I was heading home on the LIE and as I approached exit 39, I could see out over a large portion of land. Now since Flight 800 and September 11th, the FAA has done a lot to change flight patterns around "New York Central" and these days, it seems like the standard approach vector for airplanes to JFK is pretty much in line with the path of the LIE - like basically above it - while the standard approach for LaGuardia places planes a bit north of in-line with the LIE.

Looking out to the south, I saw a cone shaped white light that seemed stationary. Traffic was slow moving, I had plenty of time to stare at it. I assumed it was either the light atop a tower or approach lights from an airplane or helicopter.

The next night, a Friday, I looked and the light wasn't there. I assumed that meant it wasn't the light on a tower and that it must have been a police helicopter or something.

The following Monday night, I looked again. The light was back. This time, the glowing white cone seemed to wobble at the pointy end (which pointed at the ground) almost like a top wobbles as it spins before it falls down. Traffic was again moving slow ad I was able to observe it for a relatively long period of time as traffic crept from the west side of exit 39 all the way to exit 40.

I was off the next day but, Wednesday of that week I was again headed home. I was getting really curious about this light because I had seen it in the same spot several times and the last time I had seen it, it was doing things that the spotlight on the front of a police helicopter cant do.

As I approached exit 39, I saw the light again. This time I pulled over. I sat there watching it for about 5 minutes before the light did something that a helicopter (and most aircraft in general) cannot do - it zipped off at unrealistic speed in a southerly directly, so fast that in a second or two the light was completely gone.

So I'm a Long Islander. We're used to strange things happening. Many years ago, some guy here guy arrested for conspiring to poison people with a radio-isotope because he felt they were hiding "alien secrets". This past summer we had the "Montauk Monster". There's a whole mythology surrounding Montauk and something called "The Montauk Project" and two years ago, the local papers ran stories about "strange clouds" in Montauk. In the early 1990's, there were all these urban legends and rumors of a UFO crashing into South Haven Park and other rumors of a UFO crashing into Moriches Bay. We've heard it all here, not much will surprise a seasoned Long Islander. This light surprised me. This light surprised me more than the strange flying triangle thing I had seen on the Parkway.

So each time I saw this light, it was between 6:30 and 7:15 at night. It was always in the same general location. I worked remotely for the remainder of that week but, two nights ago I was driving home and saw a series of three or four (I'm not sure if the 4th was a trick of the eye or something I actually saw) single white lights descending from the sky and leveling off in a way that reminded me of a diver entering the water and returning to the surface. These lights were spaced out and seemed to descend in a semi-circle. There was what I would call a significant distance between each of these lights and a potential 4th light may have appeared to the far right but, I was too busy watching the road and the sky.

As these lights leveled off, they headed south across the LIE. And as I continued, I realized I was near exit 39. So again I pulled over and this time I got out of the car and watched these lights (they were to the east of me) travel across the highway. Looking south, I saw the cone shaped white light in about the same spot it had previously been. The three or so small lights that I had watched fall from the sky were completely different in color, intensity and shape (they were round and almost like a... well, a not bright white color). The three small lights pulled close together and seemed to spin around each other as they headed south-west - almost like three jets swirling around each other in an advanced barrel roll type maneuver.

The three small lights seemed to pass south of the bright white cone before they rapidly changed direction and headed east-south-east. A moment later, the cone shot off at about a 15 degree incline to the south-east rapidly disappearing from sight.

Then last night as I traveled home, at about 7:10pm, I passed exit 39 and saw the small lights dancing across the sky heading south. Their speed was inconsistent and at one point one of them seemed to make a 90 degree turn. I did not see the white cone light.

I cannot tell you if these things made any noise. Traffic, rush hour traffic which seems to last from 4:30pm - 7:30pm on the LIE, is very loud.

As much as I really don't want to see anything like this in real life, I'm thinking of carrying my camera with me in my car. If I bring myself to do this, I will provide pictures if I see them again.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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