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UFO Sighting Report - USA

November 14th 2008 : Long Beach, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Long Beach California

Date: 11/14/08

Time: 3:30pm

Number of witnesses: 4

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: HUGE TRIANGLE!

Weather Conditions: Clear, few whispy clouds

Description: (I have an audio tape of our descriptions that was made minutes after the sighting. Too many lights made a photo impossible and the report was made with another UFO Outfit - here is the link: The description is the taken from the notes I made that night, edited for space...


I can't BELIEVE IT! My kids and I had just returned from speaking with a neighbor and walking the dog to find my husband watering the grass. We hung out with him for a couple of minutes before my son Shannon, whom I sky-watch every night for an hour or two (our hobby), said "Hey mom... A triangle!" It took about 20-30 seconds for me to see it because other than the front, which I initially mistook as an airplane, only the small red running lights were visible, giving the craft the appearance of a boomerang, but I saw the back lights, too, and this was a full triangle! From our perspective, we saw it travel from over the ocean (SW) towards the LB Airport area (NE) and it looked like a triangle in perspective, so the sides were not "equal", per say. IT WAS HUGE! It was at a rather high altitude, compared to the other aircraft in the skies and I looked at it through high-quality Binoculars... The front of the craft, upon looking directly without help, could have been mistaken for a C-130 or C-17 with ALL of its lights on (running, take-off and landing). When looking at it with the binoc's... it was something out of Battlestar Galactica! I kid you not! It was multi-leveled and seemed to have 2 docking stations or something on the underside of the front of the craft, which was only 1/4 the size of the rest of it! I have drawings I can provide as well as the audio tape...

The "command center" (for lack of a better description) was HUGE in it's own right! The sides of that part of the craft had at least 2, but up to 4-5 floors, 2 bright rows of what looked like windows with brilliant white light coming out of them that seemed to wrap around the front of it. IT looked like NOTHING I have seen in all of my 41 years!!! The bottom of the "command center" had two structured holes that appeared to be parking structures for smaller scout crafts, but this is a speculation on it's use. I could faintly make out floors inside of those holes that were about as large as a third of the front of the ship.

It was too large and going far too slow to stay in the sky, so conventional physics, as we know it, did not apply to this craft - whatever it was. It floated gracefully and very slowly. It also seemed to be utilizing some kind of "cloaking" technology because the back 3/4 of the ship 'mirrored' the night sky, so if it wasn't for the running lights, we would not have seen more than the front part of the ship that would otherwise not have garnered our attention, because again, that section appeared, for all intents and purposes and to the naked eye, to be a large jet. The binoculars made the difference here, too. Our sighting lasted about 10-20 minutes.

Shortly after we spotted the ship in the sky, our dog went nuts! He was still on his leash, attached to the tow hitch on the back of my car and he pulled and pulled as he whined and barked to get away. He did my husband and Shannon went to get him while me and my youngest son continued to watch on top of our car until it went out of sight. Other dogs were barking, too.

This was the most spectacular thing I've ever seen and I've been looking all over the internet to find anyone else that may have seen this thing. I found it this morning on your site, so I decided to make another report here, although I reported it to another site within minutes of the sighting. If you'd like the drawings, let me know where to send them and I will get them to you! Thank you for your time.

This is UFO's Northwest and a rather nice outfit. William is the owner and researcher running the site and because of how long we are looking up every night, we have made 2 prior reports that were unexplained.

Thank you for posting these sightings and thank you to the woman in Los Angeles who had the strength to report to you! Yeah! We aren't insane!!!

My husband works in Law Enforcement for the Department of Defense and I am in police and military technical advising for television and film, just so you are aware. We both have extensive knowledge of conventional and some unconventional aircraft and this was like Nothing we've ever seen.

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Drawings and notes

Drawings and notes

Drawings and notes

Drawings and notes

Drawings and notes

Drawings and notes