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UFO Sighting Report - USA

December 13th 2008 : Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California Numerous Sightings Of Lights

Date: December 13, 2008 (different dates in report)
Time: 12:00 a.m. (different times in report)

Location of Sighting: Long Beach, California.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 25
Shape of objects: Glowing dots.

Full Description of event/sighting: It started on the evening of 12/13/08 around 7pm. 3 of us walked out of house to go to a Christmas party and noticed a rotating light about 1500 feet up in the air. Could not see shape or noise or anything due to the stormy weather. Next sighting as I was standing out smoking a cig. around 11pm on 22nd a dark object that blocked out the stars that zoomed pass an airplane. Very fast, very large. Next time smoking outside around 12-1am on the 24th saw 3 glowing dots in the sky in formation. It looked as high as the stars but they moved very rapidly from one horizon to the other side very quick, but from view it took roughly 10 or 15 seconds for them to move that far. next time around 11pm on the 26th both me and another person saw at the Wells Fargo building where they have spot lights shooting up in the sky.

I first noticed it as they hit the lights. I thought it was a flock of birds that were moving through the lights at about 250 feet above the building, but as the left the lighted area they were still glowing white. There were about 25-30 individual lights. I then with all the sighting that I and roommates saw I knew this was something else and that we have witness something amazing. I am former military (SF) and I know what I saw and I know birds don't glow and our planes don't fly that quick. Maybe it is us, but if it is we've have jumped a 1000 years in technology. I would like to see someone come out to this area to investigate Magnolia and 3rd street. This seems to be a hot spot. I don't know why, maybe the light from Wells Fargo building or Catalina.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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