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UFO Sighting Report - USA

January 7th, 2009 : Christmas Valley, Oregon

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Christmas Valley, OR 97641

Date: January 7th, 2009

Time: 8:30pm Pacific Time

Number of witnesses: At least 4 witnesses known

Number of objects: Up to 15 objects seen

Shape of objects: Round, like ten times the brightness of an Orion's Belt star.

Weather Conditions: Very clear, full moon, cold

Description: I was driving east toward my home. At 8:30pm I noticed a bright, round light with a bluish hue appear about five miles ahead of my car in the sky just to the left of me. Not a flair, not a firework. It did not move. The light disappeared, as if it burned out. When I arrived home, my fiance and I stood in our front yard facing east to observe more lights. This continued for about fifteen minutes. There were more this at this time. One lit up, which seemed to appear just across the highway in our neighbors field in the sky. Distance was difficult to determine. After the first light appeared, then there was a second right beside it, then a third and a fourth, all in a row. After the fourth light appeared, the first one burned out, following the rest right in order as they appeared. At one point and another, one light would dim just enough where we could still see it and we watched as it darted one way, then stop and slowly take another direction. The dimmed lights seemed as if to be playing, slowing and then picking up speed; lighting up, then dimming at any given time. I ran to get binoculars, but when I returned the lights had dimmed for good. One of the witnesses had the opportunity to take pictures of the strange lights.

Christmas Valley, Oregon is a small town and there may have been more witnesses. The lights are a popular occurance and people here have observed them in the night sky before. The lights seem to have a sincranized pattern of moving at some point, then act as though they are playing. This action simulates movement of fireflies. There were no sounds of jet plane activity and no sounds of flare gun shots. Nothing on the ground gave the impression of human activity, and believe me, we looked for every explanation or evidence of something or someone to debunk what we think were UFOs. My thoughts were also considering orb activity. I am just frustrated to why I cannot explain what I saw, but am glad there were other witnesses. I feel like one of the select few to have been able to witness something so beautiful and rare.