UFO Sighting Report - United States

Flag of the United States of America

Los Angeles, California

April 2009

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: 3350 Wilshire Blvd, #300, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Date: April 2009

Time: Between 4 and 5:30 PST

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Triangular shaped

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: Yes

Weather Conditions: Sunny warm day, sun was beginning to head west.

Description: I'm not sure the actual date, but everyone who posted anything about this said it was April. But I do know it was 2009. I worked for Vonage on the corner of Wilshire & Catalina 3350 Wilshire Blvd, #300, Los Angeles, CA 90010.

I was on my last smoke break of the day and went outside to the new smoking area on the side of the building facing west overlooking the construction of Robert F. Kennedy Community High School where The Ambassador Hotel laid dormant for years. It was between 4:30 to maybe 5:30pm.

Myself and another co-worker were out there looking at the construction and marveling at what a nice day it was. As I looked into the sky I saw 2 triangular looking figures in the sky, kinda looked like small paper airplanes you used to make as a kid. Not the one's with the pointy tips, but if you folded the point inward. One of the objects was slightly ahead or above the other.

They were grayish - black in color. At first I thought they were some novelty balloons floating up and away. Then they changed to and oragish-yellow color. That's when I noticed how FAR they traveled from where they first were. I figured WHAT EVER THEY WERE they were moving closer to the sunset and the suns reflection was gleaming over the color of the objects.

Then I was horrified and totally excited all at once. THEY CHANGED SHAPES! I figured it was the objects moving further away towards the beach area, then I noticed they're movements or FLIGHT PATTERNS... They moved simultaneously like 2 kites next to each other, then the lead OBJECT zipped quickly in a south bound pattern. Then the other followed suit. Then they came closer to where I saw them originally changing shape! Me and the girl co-worker were amazed!

It zig-zagged closer then zoomed farther away in a south western flight pattern. That's when I knew that these OBJECTS were not remotely nor humanly controlled. Nothing I'd ever seen moved with the precision, speed, or dynamics of these 2 OBJECTS. All the while changing shapes from triangle to somewhat of a circle and back to the triangular "Paper airplane" shape.

Then, they got closer together and ZOOMED up the coast, let's say headed down the coast line south towards the Manhattan, Seal Beach area. They could still be seen from the smoking area on wilshire but they now quite smaller but still visible. My smoke break was 15 minutes, and all of those minutes the SHAPES were visible. I took and extra few minutes watching them disappear south bound.

It was like they were on a recon mission of Los Angeles. And if to much attention was being paid to them they would quickly get out of focus higher or further away. Nothing a HUMAN has created moved like these things. Only in sci-fi movies has this happened. And I've watched thousands of them.

The girl and I looked at each other with that "Dear in the Headlights" stare. The cigarettes we simultaneously lit were burned to ashes all the way to the filter, mouthes opened wide enough to see our fillings. And when we finally came back to reality..... The ash from out cigarettes that we took ONE puff off of dropped to the ground simultaneously!!!!!!! It sent goosebumps all over my body, and fear up my spine all at the same time!

I never knew her name and we never spoke at the job, we just past each other on the way from breaks, going back to our cubes, or leaving and coming to work. The next day at smoke break I saw her again and we talked about it like we'd been in a relationship for years! No one believed us as we spoke about it. I never saw her again after that day. As an X serviceman who know's about military aircraft and an expert in sci-fi I NEEDED TO SEE THIS!!! Thank you Creator for letting me know that we are not alone in the beautiful universe you have created for us. And, that our Government is not telling us everything about what surrounds us UP THERE.... THANK YOU CREATOR.... Hopefully, whatever HUMAN BEING reads this please know that I am not creating this. I have thought about that early evening EVERYDAY up until today but never thought that maybe someone else witnessed what myself and the latin girl next to me saw. It wasn't until I was watching a documentary (OUT OF THE BLUE) that I said "HEY DUMMY, check out the year you saw that and see if anyone else saw what you saw"..... So for everyone else who DID SEE THOSE 2 OBJECTS, you were not alone.

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