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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 2nd 2009 : Live Oak, California

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Location: Live Oak, California

Date: July 2nd 2009

Number of witnesses: Several

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: Globe


I have been a ufo skeptic my whole life however after last night I am a true believer! I was working at my shop in Live Oak, California near Santa Cruz at around 9pm when 3 orange/red globes just appeared in the sky in a triangular formation. At first glance I dismissed them as helicopters and waited for the sound of a helicopter but there was NO sound. And these lights did not blink at all as do all traditional aircraft. I stared at these lights for some time trying to figure out what they could be when I remembered I had a camera. So I ran in my shop, grabbed my camera and snapped three pictures of these lights and was lucky enough to capture a few seconds of video before my memory card filled up to capacity and ended the shot. Even after seeing what I saw I was almost ready to dismiss it as maybe an elaborate hoax until I viewed the photos and the video. Now remember... what I saw were 3 Perfectly still, perfectly silent "Orbs" In the sky but the photos reveal something different. In the pictures there are 2 perfectly still Orbs and 1 of the lights appear to be moving all over the sky at a very high rate of speed (my eyes could not detect it movement but the digital camera could). This third light is in a different portion of the sky in all three pictures I snapped and is very blurry as it is "streaking" across the sky. By the time I took the video one of the "Orbs" started to fade away and disappear into the night but my video still reveals One perfectly still orange/red "Orb" and something that looks like a bug dancing across the sky very quickly.

I was not the only one who saw this fascinating spectacle. Near my shop is an apartment complex and I saw a few people gathered in the parking lot looking at the sky in amazement as well so I know I'm not losing my mind. This was very bazaar and like nothing I have ever seen before and shortly after the first light faded out so to did the other two and all thee lights just simply disappeared into the night as if nothing had happened at all.

I think my girlfriend thinks I'm crazy and the friend I did tell thinks I was witnessing fireworks or something being it so close to the 4th of July but I've seen my share of fireworks and let me tell you this was NO fireworks display!

Just had to tell somebody with an open mind to ufo's as everyone else I tell just thinks I'm losing it.