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UFO Sighting Report - USA

August 7th 2009 : Upper West Side, New York City

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: New York City Upper West Side

Date: August 7 2009

Time: Early afternoon

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Rectangular, flat as a penny

Weather Conditions: Clear around object, but some clouds in distance approx 1/2 mile away from object.

Description: I saw a rectangular shape in the corner of my eye which I first that was an airplane coming from LaGuardia airport. It flew two slow to be an airplane, so then I thought it was one of the heavy duty military helicopters, then I saw that the shape was a perfect rectangle. It almost looked like siding just going around in a big giant loop in the sky. based on the size and distance from where I was looking from it must have been about 10' by 20'. what made me realize that it was of alien origin is the following. When I saw it dead on, I saw the above 10'20' dimensions, when it turned it literally got as thin as a penny. next it warped out of existence, and then came back out of thin air. There were a few clouds, but they were two far back behind the object for the clouds to have an impact on what i saw. basically what i saw was an aircraft of obviously alien origin that was flying in a circle/oval formation around a group of buildings just a few blocks form central park on the upper west side. as thin and flat as a penny, but with approx 20'X10' dimensions. it was flying in a similar oval loop the same of you might see some police helicopters do when on patrol. at one point the object fazed out of existence in one area, to appear coming out of another area. This happened within a 1/4 mile radius, and clouds were not near enough to cover this. what we have here is technology where an aircrafit can phase out in one area, and enter from another, and looks like a giant rectangle, and very thin. so thin, that when it gets flat, it isn't really all that visible, and then it phases out.