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UFO Sighting Report - USA

August 26th 2009 : Fresno, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Fresno CA USA

Date: 8 26 2009

Time: 9pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Unknown too dark to see a shape

Weather Conditions: Crystal clear skies and warm bout 86

Description: Me and my friend where night fishing on the river when my friend pointed out 4 blinking red lights moving away very slowly about 3/4 mile away. It was moving way to slow to be a jumbo jet. Scaled a small prop plane a few moments prior to seeing the red lights which gave me some scale. The width between each of the blinking lights and altitude of the object was atleast a couple hundred yards long.... Red lights blinked in a unusual pattern but a constant one. 3 lights on one side and 1 on the left side the one on the left side was blinking differently than the other three (different speed) it was clearly moving away from us when we noticed it but when we did it was about less than a mile away. It was over Parkplace Shopping Center in Fresno. We where on the river night fishing. About 5 minutes after the red lights were outta site (2) fighter jets flew over about half a mile apart from each other but what was funny is they where going the opposite way from where we had saw the red light going as if they had passed it. After flying over us they started circling back around then we didnt notice them anymore... Couldnt see a ship but the lights & speed and by using scale of surrounding structures I could tell it wasnt anything like a plane... Blimp maybe? But there were alot of those giant high voltage powerlines towers around this area. And if so why the need for fighter jets.. Oh & lights were side to side not up and down it would have had to have been a huge blimp (which ive never seen one period in Fresno) can anyone check to see if there where any blimps over the area called Parkplace Shopping Center in Fresno CA... And why the need for fighter jets? Thanks!