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UFO Sighting Report - USA

November 12th 2009 : Santa Clarita, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Santa Clarita, Ca., USA

Date: 11 12 2009

Time: 5:40pm

Number of witnesses: 8

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Star, triangle

Weather Conditions: Mostly clear

Description: I was watching t.v. on the floor with my husband and kids in our theater room, we have very large windows in this room. As I turned my head I saw an object gliding in the sky. The object had green and red lights. It seemed to be in the shape of a triangle or star, there were several points that were visible as it moved from our back yard to the front. Our neighbors had recently told us they saw this object, so my first reaction was to run and get them. By the time I got to the neighbors house the object had vanished from where my husband was looking at it from the yard, with his sister. It appeared suddenly again at the front of the house. Our other neighbor saw it too. It vanished once again and we decided to keep watch in the back again incase it returned. Another neighbor who had seen this same described object, came over to watch with us and the house two doors down saw from their back window. The object appeared once again, but this time several planes were flying over the house, they were not commercial airplanes.

It gets dark here around 5:30 due to daylight savings, so by this time it was approximately 6:15 p.m. The planes that continued to fly over all had green and red lights, but they were not UFOs, perhaps a military decoy to make us believe we saw planes with green and red lights. These planes I believe were looking for the UFO, they were stationary in the distance and once the object appeared again they started to move towards it, not fast. Suddenly the UFO disappeared for the final time. It was as if you blinked your eye and this object was gone.

We moved to the front of the house once again because we saw what an even larger flying object, we thought it may have been a B52, however as it got closer it had a tale like a commercial plane, but the rest of the body was like a bomber, it had the same green and red lights as all the other planes last night. Two small planes, red and green lights again, started heading over the same mountain as the large unidentified flying object. One plane came from behind the other one, they got so close to each other that we thought they were going to collide. Because they were headed the same direction we think the planes were either chasing or following the large flying object.

As for the initial UFO, it has been witnessed several times in this neighborhood, the past month. I have never seen something vanish so quickly in my life. The way it went from one side of the city, to the other was crazy! We can see the entire valley from our yard and this object moved quickly when it wanted to and would slow down and be stationary at times...without sound! Please let us know if anyone else saw the same thing.