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UFO Sighting Report - USA

November 18th 2009 : Fort Myers, Florida

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Fort Myers, Florida

Date: November 18 2009

Time: 9:50pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 4

Shape of objects: 1. Round, spherical saucer-like. Multiple lights, very bright although appearing at a distance. Lights were red, green, blue, yellow-ish, and also bright white.
2. Appeared to be identical to object #1 - but smaller, and at a further distance away.
3. Round with 4-5 lights lighting up consecutively (1,2,3,4) and was rising directly vertical from a distant field/marshy area.
4. Unidentified helicopter type vehicle, but smaller and silent with double lights on the front and a single light above the double spotlights.

Weather Conditions: Party cloudy, but partly clear skies.

Description: That Wednesday around 9:30pm from my 4th floor apartment patio, I noticed a large light #1 extremely high in the sky changing colors (red, green, blue, yellow) sporadically - and at times, to the beat of the loud rock n roll bar below. (The light was way higher than the bar, and not possibly to be a spotlight.) I watched the light for about 20 minutes, and during that time it also changed to a solid white bright light. At that time, I went to get my girlfriend in our bedroom to get her opinion and before entering the apartment, I saw the object move to the right and then up.

We watched this light change colors between those listed above and to a solid white for about 40 minutes, moving sporadically as if re-positioning itself, all while hovering. At times of movement, or near movement, the area around the light seemed to illuminate more and you could make out the lines of the surrounding clouds in the background. Around this time, my girlfriend noticed object #2 horizontally to the left and up from object #1. It appeared smaller and further away - but exhibited the same traits, although less movement - and appeared to stay perfectly in the original line with object #1.

It should be noted that our patio shows the airspace of nearby Southwest FL International Airport - so there are planes frequently in the sky, at a much lower height making descent or ascent, and with clearly distinctive red light and blinking white light moving at a standard pace. After watching #1 and #2 for about an hour, to the left ascending vertically from a distant marshy/forest type area, we saw object #3 which appeared to be a large, round object which we could only see the bottom and appeared to have 4 -5 large yellow-ish/orange lights lighting up in consecutive order, one right after another. The object was going directly up without motion to the left or right. The lights eventually disappeared when the object was out of sight.

Objects #1 and #2 by this time were completely solid white color, but changing in brightness and location, at times almost dimming out until unseeable, and then returning bright, and sporadically flickering. Both #1 and #2 did this. During their time of most obvious movement, we were mesmerized to see an object floating directly past our 4th story apartment appearing about 50 feet away (?). Object #4 looked to be a small helicopter type craft is the only way I can describe it. It had 2 (and at one time 3) lights on the front and a dim light in the back. The object proceeded slowly across our direct eye level, and paused directly across from the area of the patio we were seated on and appeared to turn a head (?) and we could see 2 spotlights on the bottom and a 1 light above the double lights. The object appeared to make virtually no sound - and at the point it slowed down in front of our eye level and turned, I actually yelled for my girlfriend to get in the house because it felt like one of those moments where something was going to leap out of this thing.

This was both of our first encounter with any type of UFO. I was skeptical when first seeing object #1 because I had read that the day prior there was a meteor shower visible in the sky. However, after seeing objects #1 and #2 several nights in the last 7 days, and various other objects - I am more convinced that the meteor shower brought on all this behavior!

I saw objects #1 and #2 again on Friday (11/20) around 8:50pm exhibiting similar traits but in different locations in the sky. But in similar fashion diagonally and distance. And again on Saturday (11/21). On Saturday, I also saw a phenomenon that appeared to be a large boomerang shaped object in the sky below object #1 that was bright green and shot across and faded leaving a tail like trails. The object was about the size of a house on the landscape of the sky, as well as the fading trails.

On the night of Tuesday (11/24) I witnessed object #1 and #2 appearing with 7 to 8 other moving white/yellow star-like lights in the sky around 8:30 pm. They appeared to be moving into a formation of some sort. And, as crazy as it sounds, I believe that I saw 3 lights appearing to be the handle of the Little Dipper (?) move into that location, with the top light moving in last (and almost seeming late. Object #1 and #2 were to the left and right of the 3 stars, as the constellation often appears. But late, when the little dipper became visible - the lights on the left and right were not object #1 and #2 as they were in different locations in the sky to the right of their previous location. Around this time of the initial viewing, I watched a silver-ish craft appear to float maybe 100 feet directly above my apartment building appearing round and at an angle with a red light and white light flashing on the bottom. The bottom of the object was very visible though and look like the bottom of a metal craft.

TV/Radio: NBC-2 website had a story about the Leonid meteor shower - The story I read about the meteor shower expected that made me initially skeptical.

On Fox 4 Now website, reported and filmed bright lights in the horizon changing color and reportedly tried to power outages and people not being able to start their cars. (Search fox4now website, or email me for a link as your box does not accept web addresses without thinking its spam) - A report a friend told me about after I told him the story. I found your site while searching for that story. The green seen in the video included is similar to the green in the boomerang type object I saw on the same night, although I did not see what was shown in the video (nothing on the horizon, only high in the sky). Although, the colors are similar to what I see on object #1 and #2.


Links on FOX4 website are:

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