UFO Sighting Report - United States

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Clayton, New York

January 30th 2014

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Clayton New York. Over round Island. Seen from Lyleton Dr.

Date: 1/30/2014

Time: 8:45-9:00

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: First was orange street like orb. Move vertical. Changing lights. Changed shape. Turned red.

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Visibility 8 miles, partly cloudy, cold

Description: When we first saw it it was stationary over an island on the St. Lawrence River. Round Island? We were returning to my nephews home located across from Round Island. On Lyleton Dr. It was an orange orb for @ 5 minutes. Once we stopped and knew it was there, it was like it knew we were watching it and I felt like I was being watched.

I used a large pine tree and power line's to see how it was moving and trying to judge the distance and size. It seem like it knew we were watching it, it ascended to the cloud ceiling and the light went out and returned a different color white. As it moved south west in the clouds it started to change color and we could kind of see a large object moving and lights flashing around the edge of the object.

When it got in the clouds it moved south west towards Clayton. Just enough in the clouds not to be able to see exactly what it was. It was no military plane, helicopter or drone. It changed shaped and turned red back to white all along lights changing color. It never moved fast. The reason we notice it was when we rounded the turn it look like a orange stationary orb. Almost looked like a street light. This all took place within fifteen minutes.

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