UFO Sighting Report - United States

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Sacramento, California

February 13th 2014

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Sacramento Ca.

Date: 2/13/2014

Time: about 7:00ish pm

Number of witnesses: 4

Number of objects: 1 plus a stealth helicoptor in advance of the area looked to be scanning rooftops not the ground...

Shape of objects: Large black fly triangle, very low, very, very slow, and Silent!! No sound at all...the coptor had back way off out of it's way.
Everything I can find on the internet seems to point to a tr3b ?? My family has all verified that the pictures of these flying triangles with only 3 lights on bottom is exactly what we saw, it flew right over us, we watched it for 10 minutes, it was only as high as the helicopter more or less it seemed.

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear Sky, fairly dark, but it went right over us as we got out of the war to watch it, my wife as we were leaving looking up at the helicopter was the one who said, what the hell is that?

Description: We left Target, and there was a stealth coptor flying around pretty high, and large area with it's light on but seemed to be scanning rooftops, as the light did not reach the ground, scanning about a 1-2 mile area...

So as we left we were all watching and looking up at this coptor, and my wife says what the hell is that, we said what, and we all saw it, at first I said it looks like a drone or something, I asked her to stop at the stop sign on Cottage Way, about a block west of Fulton, and myself and my son got out and stood there and watched this black flying triangle come right at us, following the path of Cottage Way, and over the top of us, and we both made comments as to what the hell is that.

Then we realized how slow, low and silent it was...we literally watched this thing for like 10 minutes, drove following it, to a gas station on the corner of Fulton and I am not 100% sure it was Cottage, I need to look on a map, it basically was the first street due north of Alta Garden, and when we got to the gas station a block away, I got out and watched it slowly fly off in the night sky from west to east on a very low, slow, straight path.

There were oncoming cars, someone else had to see it, although you had to look up to see it...how do we reach out to see if anyone got it on film or video, we just kicked ourselves for not thinking to film it, I guess we just got lost in the moment of what we were seeing exactly...I have looked extensively on the internet, and all I can find that basically matches it, is under searches of black fly triangle and the trb3 people are talking about although it looked more pointed at it's tips, it was fairly dark out...

I'm telling you, I am convinced now the coptor was making sure people were not on any roofs or anything and these coptors scare people inside their houses...just totally bizarre, no sound nothing and it flew right above us...

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