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San Jose, California

April 15th 2014

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Glad I'm not the only one been seeing strange lights all month that defying anything I know that's we here on earth.

My fiance came home from school and told me to run outside as I was watching TV. So I do then I look at the sky and see over 30 lights and I am not over exaggerating I'm not that type of person. Well anyway saw about 30 lights slowly move high in the sky, seem to be high above the airport then they disappeared as they drifted away.

I figured it was explainable even though I never seen so many aircraft fly so high and closely and over 30 craft so tight in formation. It looked really scary as if there was gonna be an invasion, I got video I haven't released and pictures.

I'm a Lil paranoid about what I caught on video, have about 4 minutes of them flying and flashing and the objects are very very very strange. I even changed the filters to look at the video in different modes like black and white and thermal and it's even more mysterious.

Would you guys like a video and photo believe me when you see the pics it's some of the best I seen in a while just as far as lights moving in formations.

UFOINFO Note: We tried several time to get the video but it was too large for the witness to send via attachment.

The witness also stated: It certainly isn't as clear when I send pics looks a lot more blurry but on my actual phone u can see the shapes in the pictures within the light there are triangles but the pics I send just looks like a glowing light… don't believe too much in ufos but I been seeing a lot of strange lights in the sky moving at hi rates of speed I'm just really glad my Whole family and others saw them this time because usually I'm alone when I seen similar sightings.






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