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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Late 1940s & Early 1970s : Tucson, Arizona

UFOINFO E-mail Report

No 1.
I just want to let you know that my entire family saw several UFO's in the late 1940's. I'm not sure of the timing, but we lived in Tucson, Arizona. My step-dad was stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB at the time. My sisters and brothers and mother were out sitting on the front porch one afternoon. We heard a "Swoosh" sound and then two oval shaped objects went down our street at such a speed. The only sound was the "swoosh." The next thing we knew, two AF/jets were flying over our house at a very high speed with the noise deafening.

I believe at that time there were Aerial Attack sirens in the city, and they were also blaring. It seemed as though the UFO's were rotating clock-wise as they were going. Although most of it was a blur... I felt they were rotating. The entire neighborhood was either out prior, or after the initial sounds were heard. I believe the AFB told the newspapers that they were practicing breaking the sound barrier, and that was what everyone saw. Hmmmm. Anyway, being just a child, I was not old enough to make a lot of noise. I just know that I saw something. Our entire neighborhood saw something. For whatever it is worth!

No 2.

In the early 1970's my husband and two sons were returning from a trip to Tucson late at night. As we started up the mountain grade from the valley, going into and toward San Diego, CA. We, husband and I spotted a spotlight in the distance. There was very little traffic and so we enjoyed playing "what is it!" The trip up the grade and during the time it took us to get up the hill to the spot where we saw "something!" The object moved vertically up and down, one time going out of our view. We continued to watch the object for at least one hour or perhaps more. It never left the area, just fluctuated between very high in the sky to almost touching the mountain tops. When we arrived at the destination where the object was, It was still stationary, hanging in the middle of the sky not touching anything - but very very bright. No sound, just hanging there. I tried to watch it to see what it would do. Took pictures with the camera (nothing turned out) while I could I watched but it never moved from that one spot. Eventually cloud cover met us, San Diego - we lost sight of the object. The object was probably half of a football field in the middle, seemed to be flat long - but through the long part of the needle, in the middle was where the bright light came from. Kind of like an AWL, but with the points at both end - going through the middle.

Whatever you wish to do with the information. I hope it helps some.

You may contact me if you wish.