August 1947

Saranac Lake N.Y.

Date of Sighting: 1947-August
Time of Sighting: app. 10 PM
Location of Sighting: Saranac Lake N.Y.
Number of witnesses: 5-6
Number of objects: 6-7
Shape of objects: Disc shaped

Full Description of event/sighting: I was about 4 years old, were at our cabin in the Adirondacks and several neighbours were visiting us as we just arrived for our summer vacation. As I was young I was put to bed earlier but was listening to the adults talking in the living room. We had no electricity or running water so when I wanted to go to the toilet which was an outhouse in the corner of the shed my father escorted me to the shed and went back inside the cabin door to get away from the mosquitoes where he could still see the shed. While in the outhouse every minute or so I could hear a whirring from far away getting nearer then going away. When I ran back inside the cabin and told my father he said it was probably just an owl or other creature. A few minutes later all the adults were outside the back door as someone had gone to the outhouse and saw this disc shaped object which seemed to be slightly lit up and making a whirring sound coming into view from the south, passing almost overhead and disappearing around Mount Baker. I sneaked out and actually saw one (one passed every minute or so) before I got caught and was sent back in. We had an old battery radio (tube) and when listening to the local news the next day we heard several reports of the same sighting from the village.

Thank you to the witness for sending in this interesting report.

Additional information:

1 - The object I remember seeing was to the best of my recollection basically white.

2 - The light was from the entire object (glowing) No individual lights were showing as from a plane.

3 - The speed of the object was about what one would expect of a very fast airplane however I remember someone saying later some of the objects either earlier or later than the one I actually saw darted about irregularly very quickly and as I said there was a whirring noise (not that loud) as each passed somewhat overhead. It was however not a plane as I spent many summers there and had seen many planes both at night and day and none resembled what I saw.

4 - There was quite a bit of discussion for days later especially as the local radio station (WNBZ) I believe, mentioned some locals in the village which was about a half mile away (straight line) had seen "Flying Saucers" that night. I guess there was some apprehension as we were isolated from "civilation:" with no electricity or phone at our Adirondac camp and no car to get away.

5 - No one felt anything abnormal including myself.

6 - Keep in mind that the date I mentioned could be off by a year as I was very young at the time.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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