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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1950s : Los Gatos, California

UFOINFO E-mail Report

I need to be pointed in the right direction because I can't locate anything on the internet and this has been bugging me for years.

I was raised in Los Gatos, California during the 50's - just off Shannon road close to the foothills. One evening while my mother was talking on the phone there was a loud roaring noise overhead, I've never heard that type of sound again - it would cut out and then start up again. She commented that the jets must be flying out of Moffett Field. The noise continued and she disconnected saying she was going to go look outside.

It was dusk and when we got outside - there were other neighbors out as well checking out the noise - we lived on Shady View Lane, and here's what we saw:

A large cigar/blimp shaped vehicle in the air, pulsing bright white light with a lot of neon pink light infused along its length in the center, more white on the edges. It was moving very slowly toward the foothills and the noise was incredible. As we all watched it stopped and descended directly down behind the foothills. The noise stopped and everyone on the street was yelling back and forth, what was that? Some minutes later, probably at least 10 minutes, maybe more, I can't remember the time span, someone yelled there it is. Coming back up behind the silhouette of the foothills, the object rose silently - no sound - and once it cleared the hill tops it took off at 90 degrees and was gone in the blink of an eye in complete silence, no sound..

I would like to locate documentation of this. There is no doubt in my mind this was a UFO.

Your help would be appreciated, thanks.


Report as filed via Sighting Form:

Location: Los Gatos, California, US

Date: 1950-1955

Time: pm

Number of witnesses: 12

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Cigar shaped like a long blimp

Weather Conditions: Summer, clear

Description: It was dusk and there was a loud roaring overhead - my mother was talking on the phone and commented that Moffett Field must have jets out. The noise continued and got louder so she disconnected, telling her friend she was going to go see what was causing the noise.

When we got outside, other neighbors were out as well - we lived off Shannon Road on Shady View Lane in Los Gatos, near the foothills - since it was nearly dark what we saw was a large cigar/blimp shaped object that was bright white around the edges and a pale neon pink inside. It continued to move to the silhoutte of the foothills and then descended directly downward - all the while making a terrific roar. When it disappeared neighbors starting saying what was that and everyone was talking back and forth. Within some minutes someone started yelling, there it is. It came up behind the foothills with absolutely no sound - and took off at a 90 degree angle and just vanished within the blink of an eye - no sound at all. I would like any information you may have on this.

TV/Radio Could have been in the San Jose Mercury News - or the Los Gatos Times. I don't recall it being reported on TV however, TV at that time wasn't 24/7 and was an entirely different animal.