Cambridge, Massachusetts


Cambridge, Massachusetts A Semi Circular Blue Glow

Date: 1953-1954
Time: Evening

In 1953-1954 I was a freshman at Harvard. One evening my friend Doug Gardner and I were strolling through one of the "yards" and I happened to look up and right over our heads (maybe about 1000 feet up) was semi circular blue glow similar to a neon light. In the middle of that was what looked like a jet flame. If you were to extend the blue glow it would have outlined a circular craft. Since it was at night, no other details were apparent and there were no running lights. The craft was moving very slowly and made no sound. Suddenly it shot straight up and disappeared in the distance - from horizontal to 90 degrees vertical in a split second. It didn't wink out. You could see it diminishing in the distance and it was out of sight in about three seconds. Being an avid sci-fi reader, I knew what it was, but actually seeing it gave me a touch of vertigo and a queasy feeling in my stomach. There was no lost time and I have never seen one since, but the memory is still fresh in my mind. A couple of years ago I met with a high school friend who had also been in my class at Harvard and he remembered us talking about the incident at that time.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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