HWY 69

Spring 1955

Our Close Encounter

Hwy 69 Between Jacksonville And Dallas, Texas

Date: Spring of 1955
Time: Approx: 9:30 - 10:00 p.m.

My wife and I were returning to Dallas, where I was enrolled in Baylor University, College of Dentistry, and she was attending Southern Methodist University, after a weekend visiting our parents in Port Arthur, Texas.

It was a Sunday night with pleasant weather - a cool night with no clouds, no wind, no moon, and very brilliant stars.

We had been on the road for a couple of hours and my wife was asleep, but was on the front seat (we were in a Plymouth Coupe).

After topping a small rise, I became aware of a multi-colored string of lights in the sky over the road about a mile or so ahead of us. My first impression was that of a neon sign in which the lights are blinking in sequence so as to give the illusion of motion. The apparent motion was from my right to the left.

As I drove closer to it, I became aware that it was not just a single string of lights because I could see that it was an elliptical string of lights with a backside to it. Since it was a very flat ellipse, that told me that the object had a very flat bottom, since any kind of vertical projection would hide the string of lights on the backside.

As I further approached it, I became aware that the object seemed to be hovering, stationary, over the right side of the road and the closer I got to it the more I begun to perceive that it was really not elliptical, but circular in shape. At this point, I began to realize what I was seeing and I reached over to awaken my wife, in time for her to sit up and see it through the windshield a few seconds before we actually drove underneath it.

I mentally calculated it's height at less than 100 feet, using it's elevation in relation to the string of telephone poles as I approached it.

I pulled the car over to the shoulder of the road and stopped, directly under the object. I'm sure I turned off the ignition, but I may have left the lights on. (No memory of electro-magnetic effects)

We got out of the car and stood there, looking up at the beautiful and awesome spectacle, with no fear, just wonder.

Now I can tell that the sequential flashing of the lights wasn't just simulating movement, the object was actually revolving - counter clockwise. The lights were equally spaced around the perimeter of the disk, and they were like a string of Christmas tree lights of alternating colors. My memory is that there were four colors, but there might have been only three. It was red, blue, white and green, repeated over and over. I don't know the exact number of lights. I was too much awe-struck to count them, and because of the blinking and revolving it would have been difficult to do, but I think there were about two dozen at least.

I was impressed with the fact that here was a large (30-35 foot diameter) vehicle, hovering over me, suspended, motionless (except for revolving) in the air by a power source that was absolutely silent ! What I was witnessing was impossible ! I knew immediately that it was un-earthly, far beyond the limits of our current technology. (I had been a avid student of aviation ever since the early years of World War 2) Also I noticed that the body of the craft was dark, but solid, because it blocked out the brilliant stars of the very dark night.

This was not the first UFO that I have seen, but it was by far the best sighting. I had read several books about them and was quite interested in the subject and so I was very curious to know more. As we stood there, looking straight up at this marvelous sight for about ten minutes, I became impatient for it to do something. I wanted it to do something to acknowledge our presence. I hoped it would land, but it just kept hanging there.

I began to wonder if it had seen us, and I began to look for some way to attract its attention.

I reached into the glove compartment and brought out a Smith and Wesson .38 Police Special and thought about bouncing a bullet off the bottom of the object to attract their attention ! I didn't do it because the thought came to me that if I did it they might react violently, misunderstanding my motive !

About that time, the object began to drift away so slowly that I could have kept pace with it by running or trotting. It maintained the same elevation and crossed an open pasture that was three or four hundred yards wide and then it was lost from view as it just cleared the treetops on a low hill.

We waited for about ten more minutes, hoping that it would return, but it did not. During all this time there were no other traffic on the road, and there were no farm houses visible.

In 1955, there had not yet been any reported cases of abduction by aliens which accounts for the fact that we were not afraid to be out there, all alone at their mercy. In fact, in view of all the abductions that have been reported in recent books - some of which occurred many years ago. I wonder why we weren't picked up ? At that time, I was 25 years old, and my wife was 20 , prime ages for abductees. maybe we weren't their type !

Giving up, we got back into the car and resumed our trip to Dallas. My wife immediately went back to sleep. the next day, when I brought up the subject, she thought she had dreamed the whole thing. We kept the whole affair to ourselves, and it was more than twenty years before we even told our parents.

As I remember, we arrived at out destination at about the normal time. I do not think we lost any time.

Thank you to the person for this report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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