Pymatuning Lake, Espyville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania

December/January 1956/1959

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Most western edge of Crawford Co. Espyville, Pa. USA.

The exact date is a problem. It had to have been some time between 1956 and 1959.

We were ice skating on Pamatuning Lake, after dark, so it had to be after 9 p.m.. We had used snow shovels to clear paths on the ice, and had built a fire. Also for our Moms to let us ice skate at night, we must have been in our middle teens. I was born in 1943.

What we obsurved was what looked like a star that was close to the horizon to the east that seemed to get brighter and bigger as time went on. It flew right over us, changing colors and flew right out into the stars on the western horizon. We didn't have a watches to time it, but I would say that we watched it for a good half hour or more. Also we were visited again that summer when we were camping near that same area. We had no idea of what we seen, but it didn't make any sound at all, that I remember. I do know that I had a dreeadful fear of going into a deep sleep, and of even going to sleep since. dI never associated the two untill a few years ago. I had even forgot the second visit untill about ten years ago when my friend and I was talking about the first vist and mentioned it, and I got flash backs. Also that thing had to be humongus for us to have watched it for that lingth of time, and it looked quite large when it flew low over us on the lake.\

I would say that it had to have been late Dec., or January for the lake to have been frozen over enough to Ice skate along the shore. Also I had trouble with getting sick on boats and amusement park rides since then. I also have trouble putting a q-tip in my left ear, but have plenty or room in my right ear. It had to have been picked up on the Cleveland radar, and radar from New york, to Pittsburg. I would like to try regressive hypnosis to see If I can bring back what I have experienced. Because I firmly believe that every that has happened to a person is recorded in your mind. I always thought that by 62 years of age that I would have enough money to check this out my self, but I haven't been that lucky, and I would like to know the truth before I go. I couldn't even begen to tell you how many times that I have been laughed at and teased about this when I mentioned it. But what I saw would make the Pope a believer, or any one else out there that is a no-believer. I have told this story to a few outher groups, but have not heard a word from them. Believe me, what we saw was not from this Earth, as I know it. Let me know if any one is intrested in my story, and if he hasn't died yet, my friend can vouch for our story. Please don't wait to long, because were not going to live for ever. Herman

Date: holiday, or weekend in late dec. or Jan. About 9pm to 11pm. Between 1956 and 1959. Weather was clear but freezing.

Approach Direction: east

Departure Direction: west

Witness Direction: we watched it for like a half hour. all directions.

Description: all that I can remember it looked like a star in the east, flew over us and flew out among the stars in the west.

Color/Shape: All that I can remember is that it was round in shape, with lights and changed colors.

Height & Speed: I would have to say that it was right over us and it flew real slow. It might have been a half mile up or even close, depending on its size. But it was big.

TV/Radio/Press: back then we didn't listen to much radio, or watch to much tv.


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