Summer 1956

Lake McClellen, Texas

Summer of 1956

Yogi: I am glad to tell you about what I saw. I have always been suspect of some of the people who have had "close encounters",therefore I have said little to anyone about this event. I think some of those good folks stood to close to their auto exhaust.

In the summer of 1956 a fellow airman and two young ladies and I went to Lake McClellen which is about 60 miles directly east of Amarillo, Texas. My friend and I were stationed at Amarillo Air Force base at that time. I was permanent party and my duty was a Drill Instructor, training new enlistees. We spent the afternoon just messing around until evening. Sometime after the sun had set we drove south from the lake to route 66 which would take us to Amarillo. As we reached route 66 we stopped at a stop sign before proceeding onto the main road. I saw a series of very large lights traveling directly above us, traveling from north to south. I estimated their altitude at 30,000 feet. Their were smaller lights flying slightly beneath the larger lights and would move from one large light to the next light and then back to the former. I got out of the car and listened and there was no sound from them what so ever. We turned west on 66 and was able to watch them continue south for sometime even as we continued west.

We did not report this to anyone. The second episode occurred at Pantex ordinance depot which is about 10 miles east of Amarillo AFB in the late summer early fall of 1958 and only a small one paragraph report was printed in the Amarillo Globe newspaper. A very good friend of mine was a member of the security team at this nuclear weapons depot. This depot stored some of the nasty secret weapons i.e. neutron bombs which you may have heard about. My friend related to me he had fired his automatic weapon at a craft that landed at the depot. This was a 50 cal machine gun. The craft lifted off and left the area at great speed. He told me he was being transferred to another location and I never heard from him again.

Add On: One thing I forgot to mention on the incident at Pantex ordinance, was my friend told me at daylight they went out to see where the "weather balloon" had landed and they could see where the bullets had torn up the grass and could see a large circular impression (about 24 feet in diameter) in the grass. There was no balloon and no burn marks where the jet might have burned the grass. That was not reported in the Globe News.



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