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Near West street Wichita Kansas

Date: Day Unknown/Summer of 1958 Local time about 2:00PM

Approach Direction: See description

Departure Direction: see description

Witness Direction: Looking straight up

Description: This sighting took place at our home in Wichita Kansas by my mother.

Our home was located on a landing flight path for airliners for the Wichita airport. At the time these planes were four engine piston powered airliners. These planes would come in from east to west so low to land that they would rattle the house so we were used to hearing them fly over all day long and never paid much attention to them. We had a new swimming pool in the back yard that we used to go swimming in during the afternoon to cool off. One day I don't remember the exact date other than summer 1958 and I was nine years old. I had just come in the house from the pool when through the open window I was hearing my mother calling to me (yelling). She was very excited. This is what she told me:

A airliner had just flown over and she happened to look up to see a round silver disk circling the airplane as it flew over. She got to get a good look at it as it was actually going in a circle around the plane at he same level as the plane. She described it as silver disc about 20 feet across, moving very fast around the plane. It was a topic of conversation for years to come. After this I looked at every plane that flew over but never seen anything. I can't help thinking that the people in the plane did not see it too but this was 1958 not 2005. In 1996 on a visit to my mother I happened to ask if she remembered the plane with the circling disk. She said "what plane?" I said "when you were in the swimming pool". "OH YES!" and she recounted the complete sighting just like it happened yesterday.

Color/Shape: Silver, about 20 feet across, disc shaped, bottom view. No wings or other items noted.

Height & Speed: Very fast, circling aircraft. level flight same altitude as the aircraft about 1000 feet?

TV/Radio/Press: No in 1958 only "odd balls" reported UFO's but we watched the newspaper, radio and TV. Nothing was reported that we saw anyway.


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