Winter 1958/Spring 1959

Northeastern Mississippi

1958 or early 1959

Chris's Story

Hello, My name is Chris. I am a 55 year old white male who lives in northeastern Mississippi. When I was 12 years old, I had a very brief encounter with an alien being from another planet on a dirt road one cold winter night in central Mississippi, not far from where I was living at the time. This incident takes place 6 miles south of Jackson, the state capitol. That Sunday night, as was her custom, my mother used to treat us kids to cake and ice cream every Sunday after supper, whenever she could afford to do that, as money was scarce in those days. Well, anyway, on this one particular night in the Winter of 1958, or, early 1959, she gathered me, my brother, and sister up, and put us in her car, along with my first cousin James, and we started off to the little country store down on the main highway. She bought us the cake and ice cream, and we started home.

Less than a mile from the store, we turned off on Harper Road, which in those days was a dirt road with 6 foot high embankments and a ditch on both sides of it. Coming down Harper Road that night, it was pitch black, and I don't think the Moon was even out that night. Well anyway, about 1/8 of a mile or so, after we turned off on to this dirt road, we spotted what we thought was a small child running in front of the car, which was a 1950 model Dodge. It darted out in front of the car, first it ran to the left side of the road, stopped, then ran back towards the right side of the road. It apparently was frightened and confused! My mother slowed down almost to a crawl, and when she seen what it was, she and my cousin who was on the passenger-side of the front seat, yelled out in unison," I'll be damned!" at the same time. I was in the backseat on the right side when we passed that little creature standing there along side the high embankment. I got a good look at him, too.

It was NOT your typical "Grey" that so many people have reported seeing. It looked more like the group that people refer to as the "Dwarfs". Like a little elf. It had on what today we would call an astronaut suit, except that it didn't have any helmet on. It may have carried a helmet under it's arm, I can't recall, because it was so many years ago. It just stood there on that dirt road, and we looked eyeball to eyeball at each other until the car had passed. It was small and thin, with narrow fingers. I do remember that much! Beyond the high embankment where it was standing was a pasture with cattle on it, but, this was years before any cattle mutilations occurred, and I never recall hearing of any in the vicinity, though. This is a true story. I would not pull anyone's leg.

Thanks To Chris


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