Summer 1959 - 1960

Unreported Daylight UFO sighting – Monmouth County, NJ – Summer, 1959/60

On a warm summer evening in early July of that year, I, my family along with several neighbors were witnesses to a unique daylight UFO sighting that to this day has never been reported or satisfactorily explained. The object observed was that of a shiny metallic sphere having the appearance of silver or liquid mercury. Its approximate size on retrospect was about that of a pencil eraser held at arms length. The sphere also displayed flashing red and white lights that seemed to flash randomly all around it mainly at its equator.

What makes this sighting even more interesting is that the location of the farm from which we viewed the object is adjacent to the U.S. Navy road and railroad that links NWS (then NAD) Earle (the main munitions storage facility in Colts Neck, NJ) to its pier facilities located in Leonardo, NJ (on Raritan Bay). The road itself is restricted to only military use, primarily that of moving naval munitions from the secure storage facilities at the Colts Neck site to the various Naval ships that tie up to the piers located at the Leonardo facility.

It has long been “rumored” that the inventory stored at Earle included conventional as well as “other” types of “non-conventional” munitions. At the time of the sighting, my father, was employed as a farmhand by a Mr. Murray Rosenberg, then owner of Dorbrook farms as well as Miles Shoes stores (a national shoe chain). We lived in a modest farmhouse on the site facing the road then known as RD#1, Eatontown. Our house also directly faced the Navy road that was approximately several hundred yards away. Looking from my front porch, across this highway one could easily view the government road then known as Normandy Road, or just “the Navy Road” that was just across a large field to the east of the RD#1, Eatontown.

It should also be noted that the farms location is especially important because of its proximity to two critical military facilities that to this day, are still considered significant and militarily important installations. Dorbrook farm (now a Monmouth county park) is approximately 4 miles from the research and development facilities located at Fort Monmouth (Communications and Electronics Command) as well as about a mile from Naval Weapons Station Earle base entrance (again, the Normandy road railroad and its service road are directly adjacent to the farm itself).

Unfortunately, because of the passage of years, I must estimate the day and time of the sighting. The time, in my estimation was between 6:00pm and 8:00pm eastern daylight savings time and was probably on a weekday night. The object itself was moving in a south southwesterly direction at a speed of approximately 60 to 120 mph and at an altitude of between 1000 to 3000 feet (note the size and distance were a little hard to determine at the time). The location from which we viewed the object was from the front porch of my house and is highlighted in the diagram below. Also on this diagram, I have added some graphics that indicate the approximate location of the object in relation to the farm as well as the direction of flight and the bearing from the witnesses. (See graphics and photo on the next page):

The map above and the photograph below indicate the current configuration of the Farm as it is today. Unfortunately, the house in which I lived and from where the observation was made was demolished this summer however, it is still located on this particular map and is indicated as such. Please note: Fort Monmouth is located roughly 4 miles to the east of the farm. The photo below looks down at the Navy road, RD#1 and the clustered farm buildings. The Navy road in this picture runs from North to South.

As was previously mentioned, the object was also sighted several miles to the north of the Dorbrook and was actually reported to have landed on a marshy area around Newman Springs Road and River Plaza. The location of this sighting area would fall right on a straight line drawn from the Leonardo facility directly to the Ammunition Depot located in Colts Neck. The object was seen taking off from that marshy area located between Red Bank and River Plaza where the Swimming and Navesink rivers meet (see map below right).

A silver/mercury colored sphere with random red and white blinking was the observed during the sighting mentioned above. This sphere (simulated in the above picture) approximates the size of the object at the time of the sighting. Again, the true color of the spheroid object was not gold/bronze but rather silver/mercury. Note: This object was also sighted on the ground several miles away by an independent observer whom I came across years later.

In closing, the report as it is presented here is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I was a principal in the sighting along with my father, mother and sister and several other witnesses who also resided on the farm during that period. I actually met the additional witness of what appears to be the same sighting approximately 10 years ago. He stated that he observed it taking off from a location several miles away from where we were.

As it took off, the independent witness stated that it was his recollection that the object appeared to be heading in the direction where we eventually viewed our sphere. The actual course would have taken it over NWS Earle and our farm. This additional witness who related his story to me currently works for the Army at Fort Monmouth.

My many thanks to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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