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UFO Sighting Report - USA

June/July 1960 : Millson Mills, Ohio

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Millson Mills, Ohio near Cleveland

Date: June-July 1960

Time: approx. 9:30 - 10 PM

Number of witnesses: 30+

Number of objects: one

Shape of objects: flickering intense bright light

Weather Conditions: Calm, clear, warm summer night. Clear sky, stars visable

Description: It was in 1960 when I saw my first real serious ufo while on my way home from work as an electronics technician at Metronics late one summer evening. I was driving my 1956 Ford toward Wilson Mills, a small town in Northern Ohio on my way to my Aunt’s house. It was already dark on a calm, clear warm summer night when I noticed a strange light approaching from the left just above the horizon. It was a very intense flickering, dull bluish color with faint purple overtones. The first impression was that it was somewhat like a railroad flare and appeared to be following a county road that would cross the one I was on. Although it was a dry, clear night with no ground fog or mist the appearance was that of a flickering light seen through a window speckled with water droplets. It also seemed to have vapor tendrils very faintly drifting down as dry ice vapor would. It’s speed seemed to be in the 50 to 60 MPH range or just a little slower than mine at the time.

As I passed by the road leading to the Assembly Products plant the light passed in front of an electrical substation, lighting up the girder framework as it passed. That really got my attention, especially since I was now close enough to see the power lines along the road were also illuminated. By this time both it and I had halved the distance to the lights of Wilson Mills which were coming up fast. Whatever it was It obviously was on an intersecting course that would definitely cross over the road so I sped up even more to get there before it did. Unfortunately, I arrived at the Wilson Milles post office parking lot just after it had passed over the road. As I slid to a stop and exited a co-worker pulled up beside me. He had seen it from his living room window and jumped into his car to investigate. We had both seen it but from opposite directions and it appeared strange enough to get him into his car and speed there too. We watched it together move very slowly and what appeared to be very low overhead. It slowly circled over the mall parking lot in a counter clockwise direction behind the post office as my co-worker and I watched it with a crowd of about 30 people who also had just driven up. It made no sound and we could not see any cabling tying it to any circling helicopter or light aircraft. It appeared to be about 150 feet or less high and made one circle of about 200 feet in diameter. It was like looking into an intense, flickering light. No other details were visible. Coincidentally, many years later I was assigned to the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory, Strataform Cloud Physics branch. We were at the Willets California airport and I had the occasion to film six packs of smoke grenades suspended from various lengths of cable beneath a rented Bell Jet Ranger for a project we were engaged in at the time. They were in no way similar in appearance.