Late 1960s

Texas, Near Ozona

Date: 1960s

In the late sixties, I went on a deer hunting trip with two friends to a place in west Texas near Ozona.

At the end of one days hunt, while eating supper, my attention was drawn to a very bright star which kept bothering me because it was in the wrong portion of the sky.

Finally, I got tired of wondering about it, so after finishing my meal, I dug out my binoculars (7x50) and focused them on infinity.

Placing the binoculars on top of our car for stability, I was able to clearly see that this was not a star or planet. (It was very low in the northern sky) but it was a golden globe with a small red light on the top and a small green light on the bottom.

The binoculars remained untouched and without being moved, on top of the car for twenty minutes and the object remained in the field of view for the entire time, a feat impossible for planets or stars, which are constantly moving.

finally after about thirty minutes of immobility, the object began to drift almost directly away from our position and in a few more minutes it could no longer be seen.

It seemed to be about two to three miles or more away.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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