Beaver, Pennsylvania

Winter, Mid 1960s

Beaver, Pennsylvania Another Possible Kecksburg Eyewitness

Date: Winter, Mid 1960s
Time: Near sundown

Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Circular ball.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, This sighting is in regards to the red-orange glowing ball, that I saw, during the mid 1960s, traveling over western Pennsylvania. I haven't the exact date. I can only say, with certainty, that my sighting occurred during the winter, near sundown and that, later, that same evening, the Pittsburgh TV news had reported, a meteor sighted over Pittsburgh.

Earlier, I had dismissed this sighting as possibly being the Kecksburg UFO, for several reasons. 1. My object was definitely traveling in a NW or NWW direction. 2. Because of the time frame -- I thought that I wouldn't have yet arrived home from trade school, on that day. Now, I remember that I was taking the earlier commute train home, in 1965, only switching to the later train after Christmas break.

3. Time wise, I didn't see this object crossing in front of the setting sun. I can't recall seeing the sun, during my sighting. Yet, there was still enough daylight remaining to see the woodland trees and neighboring ridge line clearly, to the west. Now, I suspect that there was a cloud bank blocking the sun from my view or that the sun might have already been behind the ridge. I often see a cloud bank along the western horizon, here.

4. The color of the sky behind this red-orange ball was definitely blue-violent in color and not the bright, glowing yellow-orange one would expect to see around a setting sun. Yet, again, there was still enough illumination in the west to see the trees and ridge line clearly. And so, I can only speculate that this red-orange glowing ball was traveling beneath and in front of a cloud bank, in the west, and that, this cloud bank and/or ridge may have shielded my eyes from the sun's light, so, that I could see the red-orange object's self illumination.

When recently reading that the Kecksburg UFO had dropped debris in Midland, PA, I was stunned, because the red-orange, glowing ball, that I had sighted, appeared to be traveling over the Midland area, as viewed from on top of Dutch Ridge, in Beaver. Midland is about 9 miles west of Dutch Ridge Road.

From my location, looking towards the southwest, I first noticed the object just south of Shipping port's power station cooling towers, moving low above Tuscarawas ridge, in a NW or NNW direction towards Midland. From my perspective, this object appeared to be slightly smaller than the head on a paper match, held at arms length. But no matter how distance this object was, from me, it still seemed unusually large and much larger than any aircraft lights views in the sky.

It moved perfectly parallel to the horizon without any observable descend nor arc. It wasn't moving fast enough to be described as having streaked across the sky. I saw no smoke trail behind it nor sparks nor was it dropping debris. It's illumination was rather dim compared to the much brighter illumination of an aircraft headlights.

It didn't look like a flaming ball. It looked solid with a clearly defined contour edge and obvious, circular shape. It's red-orange, glowing color resembled that of the red hot glowing coils of an electric stove. It's color and illumination didn't vary. It also, seemed to fly extremely low, along the top of the ridge, as if, to just barely clear the tree tops.

When I retrace the object's speed, with my finger, while standing at this same window, where I observed it, the duration of my sighting clocks in at about 20 to 25 seconds. I recall having had enough time to actually walk to the window for a better look. I observed the object as traveling a horizontal distance of about 40 to 45 degrees, before losing sight of it behind a cluster of trees. The object appeared to be traveling in a straight line but, something seemed unnatural about its movement, as if, its speed wasn't quite consistent. I heard no sound coming from the object nor sonic booms.

I realize that my object was traveling NW or NNW and that the Kecksburg object was traveling SE. Yet, I have to wonder, if, it's possible that the Kecksburg object might have, momentarily, back-tracked, through the Midland area.

Anyway, I'm not yet totally convinced that this red-orange glowing ball was a meteor and so, I am sending you this report.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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