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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Mid 1960s : Butler, Butler County, Pennsylvania

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Butler, Butler County, PA

Date: Mid 1960's

Time: Evening, Late Winter or Early Spring.

Number of witnesses: One

Number of objects: One

Shape of objects: Large Bright Light

Weather Conditions: Clear, with no wind to speak of.

Description: One evening in late winter or early spring of the mid 1960s my husband and I were travling on Brown Ave in Butler, Pennsylvania when I noticed a very bright light to my right. At first I thought the light was moving and perhaps it was at that time. I was concerned that it might be a large commercial or military plane in trouble because the light was so bright and so low.

However, as we continued up Brown Ave the light seemed to stop moving and became stationary. My husband's mother lived near the bottom end of Brown and we decided to stop and visit her.

I did mention the light to my husband but he aparently didn't pay attention to what I said.

When we got out of the car my husband took our young daughter into the house while I stood on the front porch and watched the light. I stood there for quite some time, long enough for my husband to remove our daughter's coat, hat, gloves etc. Finally I decided that I had been confused and that the light had only seemed to move because of the movement of our car. So I decided to go into the house, which I did. I remained in the house long enough say hello to my husband's family but I eventually went back onto the porch. Just when I decided that I was crazy to stand out in the cold watching this light, it seemed to jerk, much like the start of an engine on an older car or tractor. Suddenly the light got brighter and took off with such awsome speed that it was almost like it disapeared.

I should mention that there was no sound even though I was close enough that I would have heard any sound if there was any-and I know about acoustic shadow. During the entire time I watched the object from the porch it appeared to "perch" on the bare tree limb of tree on a house across the street. At arms length my thumb would probably cover the light scource. However it was brighter when I saw it from the car window going up the hill. At that time probably the light scource would appear about the size of the bottom of a tin can. I never saw an actual object, just the light. While it was standing still I think the light was probably hovering over Armco Steel Mill and/ or Pullman Standard which manufactured railroad cars.

TV/Radio: The Butler Eagle-Butler's newspaper-ran an article on the sighting the next day. Aparently quite a few people saw the light. However, as usual the light was described as an airplane practicing stalls, a hot air baloon and other asinine descriptions.

I had served in the military a couple of years before this event and was quite familiar with some aircraft. This was nothing conventional. Speed alone ruled that out.

I've carried this event in my mind for many years and I'm glad to finally get it down on paper.