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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1962 : Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon A Pizza Shaped UFO

Date: 1962
Time: N/A.

Well, hello Mr. Vike. I listened to your radio program earlier tonight (first time) and felt encouraged enough that I decided to finally tell about an event that took place many years ago, in 1962, when I was ten years old. To my knowledge, no-one outside my immediate family except for my husband knows of this. The others in my family want to pretend nothing ever happened, even though we spent many hours talking about it in years long gone. School had just recently started back up, and my oldest sister (13 years old, 7th grade ) had to go to the library in town to research something for class. My mother had picked us all up when school let out and drove directly to there. We were inside, probably an hour or so. When we stepped out to the parking lot, there were about 8 to 13 people in various areas of the parking area, the sidewalk, and the bicycle rack, all looking up, some pointing.

We looked up and saw a small silver (or white, or light grey) pizza shaped craft in the air, not high up at all. Maybe 200 feet. (I climbed 200 foot Douglas Fir trees all the time back then, so I could judge the distance pretty well ). It made no noise, had no lights, no visible seams, no windows, no markings whatsoever. We watched for a few minutes and then got in our car and left. The day was clear blue sky, unlike an average day in that particular area of that particular state. From the library, we drove straight west about 4 miles, where we turned to go south 8 more miles to home.

Before we made that left turn to go south, we noticed the air-object-thing was also going west parallel to us. We turned left and so did it. It was pacing our car and at that time, we realized it had an interest in us. And so then we were all terrified. So much so, that my Mother let me sit on the open window of the back passenger door to watch and report on it. Normally, she wouldn't even let us have a window open. The car was a 1961 white Pontiac Tempest Station Wagon. (It was new, and so helps me to date this incident). My mother was driving, my 12 year old sister next to her in the front seat, and my 13 year old sister beside the passenger side window. (pecking order in full effect). In the back seat, behind mother, was my 9 year old brother. In the middle, my 7 year old brother, and in the rear, package compartment area was my youngest brother, 5. No seatbelts back then! I was clutching the little rain gutter above the outside of the door, my legs from the knees down inside the car and the rest of me outside.

The silver thing was nearly directly overhead at that point. We were about 4 miles from our house still. We had just cleared a fairly high hill and was on the downward side. Not one other car in site. The object was spookily silent and the more we slowed, the more it did, so I think that my mother, panicking, decided to speed up to get home before it "got us". But none of us knows from that point on. We don't remember getting home, don't remember the thing leaving, nothing. I haven't talked to anyone in my family for over ten years except for the one brother who is just a year younger than me. After 10 years, I finally talked to him last fall. I asked what he remembered and he said just that all us girls were really hysterically excited in the car that day. My mother had called the airport but learned nothing. She called the news or it was in the paper the next day, I don't clearly remember.

What was reported is that, some university kids had put a candle into a balloon, and that's what everyone saw! I was young, but not stupid and that explanation was ludicrous. My arms are clumsily numb, so please forgive my crude illustrations. The first picture, I tried to represent the tree-line that was about 50 feet off the western side of the paved highway. Most of the trees were second growth timber that averaged 150 to 200 feet tall. They were thick, and went back undisturbed by any houses for 4 miles or so. There weren't any houses on either side of the highway and none could be seen from there. The triangle shape was twice the height of the trees (at most) during that stretch of the road. It stayed towards "my side" of the car (western side) while still being up. It may have been 30 feet long on the sides and 15 across the back.( an isosceles triangle, I guess). The skinny point was aimed the same direction as our car. The sun was down low behind the trees, but with plenty of light. It hadn't started to get dark yet. No glares of light or anything. Well, that's it for now. I am afraid that something happened but I don't know what ! Sincerely. (name removed)

Additional Information:

It started at the Eugene Public Library in Eugene, Oregon. It's a University town and the library was close to the whole University of Oregon complex. From the library, the street to head home on, is 11th Ave., which becomes West 11th headed towards Fern Ridge Dam and the small town of Veneta, Oregon. The Airport is also out there, and the speedway (race-track), to the North of W. 11th. When we turn to head South, I believe that piece of the road was called Bailey Hill Road (that's what we called it). And that's the name of the Hill we had to cross over.

(It was a high spot that we used to park on to see the fireworks-- but usually was too cloudy and rainy to see much). After the area where the "event" occurred, about 4 miles away from W. 11th, we meet up with Lorane Highway, and 4 miles further is where our house was. Where something (or nothing) happened, was only about 1/4 to 1/2 mile on the town side of our grade school, where we had been picked up from earlier, and had to pass by to get home. It's called Twin Oaks Elementary School. At that point, only my oldest sister went into town to school, to the middle school, which was Jefferson Jr. High.

We had just bought the station wagon that year, and we didn't have it long, because my mother, driving us home from the drive-in late, late at night, hit a deer and totaled it out. I don't think we had it but for a year, less than two. There were some odd things happen that may or not be connected with this encounter. The one that springs to mind right now took place in the woods about 1/2 mile to 3/4 mile behind our property. Me and my brothers were hiking/exploring (I was always the leader on our adventures). We came to an area that was a meadow like clearing in the forest. There was a waterfall coming "out of nowhere" that disappeared behind a seemingly new, chain link fence. That was unusual but what really interested us was an area of twisted metal and some skulls 5 to 7, I think,that lay there amongst them. It was clear there had been an old road there at one point, so a wreck was what we thought. However they weren't human skulls, so we told ourselves goats! But they didn't look anything like goat skulls, and closer to human.

Our place was a goat-farm prior to us buying it (in 1958) and there were a lot of goat skulls in a wooden enclosure down by our pasture. And our neighbor still had a goat herd, so we definitely knew what a goat skull looked like. There seemed to be at least two tangled vehicles in the crash, and it seemed like it had been there a long time. So the new-looking fence around that mysterious water falls was even more of a mystery. We got spooked out and left. We tried to re-find it years later but with no luck. By that time, I had convinced myself that it was some moonshiners who'd wrecked or had a shootout back there on that hidden road, sometime years earlier (30 or so). And maybe the "fake?" waterfall was part of a whiskey-still set-up. (I think that was my father's idea when we told him about it). I talked to brother #2 sometime around 1994, and he remembered the odd skulls and what he described as a wrecked flat bed truck. (This isn't the same brother that I talked to about the 1962 event-- that was bro.#1). while we were remembering (still trying to figure the oddities out, as adults) he mentioned a symbol that was "given" to him and really important to him. He assumed I had the same one, but when I didn't guess his the first time, he wouldn't tell me anymore. So, I don't know what he was talking about, although it seemed linked to this strange stuff. (I do have a mark that appeared suddenly. It looks like a birthmark, and isn't a scar, and is so faded it's nearly impossible to see now.) So, now you can see why I haven't shared this sort of stuff with anyone besides my kids and husband. Too Weird! Well, anyway, hope life is treating you good. Sincerely.

Thank you to the eyewitness for sharing this amazing story with me and for the wonderful diagrams that were done up. Just excellent !

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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