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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 15th 1962 : Tamiami Airport, Miami, Florida

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Tamiami Airport, Miami Florida, USA, South West 36th Street Headed South from Tamiami Airport.

Date: July 15 1962

Time: At Night About 8 PM

Number of witnesses: About 18

Number of objects: One

Shape of objects: Triangular, dull Orange Brown Glow.

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: I was walking home from a friends house when I looked up at this thing, it did not make any sound, and it moved from the direction of Tamiami Airport North of me to the south toward Bird Road Really fast. At that time I had never seen anything move that fast. Some times when they launched rockets from Cap Canaveral, they came by my house, I could look up and see this huge rocket traveling through the sky, and the thing I saw that night moved much faster. The flight was toward the tip of the triangle. I went home, the next day it was in the Front Page of the Miami Herald, there were 18 witnesses at Tamiami Airport who saw the same UFO. I was in Junior High School at the time, so I knew no one would believe me then, if I told them, they would think I was Nuts. I really do not know the exact date, but it was in the Summer around 1962.

I put July 15th cause this form wants an exact required date.

TV/Radio: Miami Herald Front Page News, article about Tamiami Airport UFO Sighting.


Nice Web site too.

It is very informative.

Most of the web sites don't have a very large data base for searching back beyond 1995, for UFO information.

I tried to find Miami Herald's archive, but theirs does not go that far back either.