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UFO Sighting Report - USA

May 16th 1963 : USS Finch, Pacific Ocean

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: DRN

Location: This is follow-up on the May 16th, 1963 sighting reported in the Pacific Ocean area, it the early 1960's; by a crewman onboard the USS Kearsarge. I was in that area on/about the same time onboard another ship= USS Finch (DER-328)

Date: On or about that period the Navy was conducting patrols in the S.Pacific under the code name Operation Silver Lance. The sighting took place during the day, with clear visibility and a few clouds near the horizon in the West. The exact time slips my memory-but I recall General Quarters alert (battle stations) was sounded on/about the noon meal was taking place, and all hell broke lose, it was not a drill.

Approach Direction: ... a select few, I among them, were chosen to stand the starboard rails and observer an unidentifed object soon to arrive off in the distance. The Officer in charge instructed all hands to be alert and look for this object entering our air space, off the starbord bow of the ship; the ship came to all stop and we waited.

Departure Direction: of the assigned crew members forward to the ships bow, sounded the alarm- 'unknown object bearing(--)degrees off the starboard bow, sir!'

Witness Direction: ...shifting to get a better view of the vessel approching in the ships direction, we stood silent not knowing what the hell we were seeing coming into our was somethin not of this earth, that I could remember best.

Description: I was a young deak hand at the time (18 years old)and totally confused about what had just taken place, soon after all 9 or 12 of us were escorted by the ships chief master at arms, to the ships Intel center and debriefed on what each of us had seen. We all signed ourlives away on paper, not to reveal what we had witnessed for 25 years on penilty of prison or execution. I waited nearly 35 years before I mentioned it to a friend, and sometime later I located a photo taken of the strange UFO by a jet pilot who was in the area tracking this space craft after it entered the Earth's atmosphere-without his identity, he place the picture on the internet on a UFO website I happend on by chance. the Picture was taken over the Jarvas Islands in the SP, where the USN was conducting Atomic testing with the French, at that time. Before we returned to port a fellow shipmate seaman who worked in CIC, informed me that the Navy was on full alert, looking for this UFO that had been taken down accidently by the nuclear testing going off in the ionosphere at that time we were on patrol. I scuddle butt information weeks later that a Navy top secret salvage operation was under way to recover this object from the ocean floor.

Color/Shape: Color: sliver/Gray
  Shape: long, and flat
  About 300ft. long, with ports on the side of the vessle.

Height & Speed: made no sound as it passed our picket ship, only a bright light at the rear. It was estimated traveling at speed, on radar, 1500 mph.

TV/Radio/Press: ...the military covered it up from the very start, I think they pulled the thing out from bottom of the ocean and are still trying to figure what makes it tic/work...only my personal opinion, of course...DWC