August 1965

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Dallas, Texas in the Oak Cliff section of the city

Date: August 1965 around midnight

Approach Direction: from the southeast hovering

Departure Direction: up and away to the southeast

Witness Direction: myself and witnesses driving South on Hampton Road in Dallas, Texas

Description: I had been to a local washateria and was driving south on Hampton Road around midnight when some young men in a convertible started shouting at me to look up at the sky. I looked up and decided to pull over to the side of the road across from a Church. I was terrified. I saw a large saucer shaped object hovering over the street. It appeared to be approx. 100 ft. above us but made no sound. There was a rotating cyclinder on the bottom and lights around the outside. There were at least five or six other people who saw this. I know the teenagers in the other car saw it and stopped as I did to watch. It only hovered there for a minute or two and then seemed to tilt and in a flash flew over the Church out of sight back to the Southeast. When I arrived home a few minutes later I ran in to tell my husband. He knew about it because he had been listening to the radio and someone had called in to the station and reported seeing the same thing. I have always been afraid to talk about this fearing someone would think I was crazy but would love to know if anyone else has ever reported it.

Color/Shape: Silver in cololr, saucer shaped, lights on the outside of the saucer, a rotating cylinder in the center

Height & Speed: approximately 1-150 feet off of the ground, approaching and departing to and from the southeast

TV/Radio/Press: I didn't hear the radio reports but local radio stations had reports of this sighting


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